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Wednesday, 14 January 2009 08:53
Although this might be from a different point of view, I think that Cody's story deserves telling, since his mother does not have internet access.

Pam and I have been best friends since 9th grade, in 1987. In 1993, she was married and was pregnant in July of 1995, just a month after my own marriage. I was excited and even more so when she asked me to be the baby's Godmother. Her pregnancy was smooth-sailing, no complications at all. In fact, she didn't even know she was pregnant until she was 10 weeks along.

They had been trying for 7 or 8 months but it never happened. Her doctor told her to relax and take a break. A couple of months into relaxing, they also decided to go for their dream and buy a house and 40 acres of land. They went from a house payment of 100 a month to a mortgage of 475 a month. They only had 1 bedroom, but thought they would have plenty of time to add on since Pam wasn't pregnant yet and they weren't really trying. 3 days after they signed the papers on the house, she found out she was pregnant!

And after the shock wore off it was wonderful. I'll never forget the first time I felt him move, and saw his arms or feet sticking out of her stomach, it was such a comical moment!

On April 25th, 1996, 2 weeks before her due date, Pam went in for her weekly check-up. Her doctor told her she was 1-2 cm dilated and that the baby was really low. What he didn't realize was that there was a tear in the upper part of her sac and that she was slowly leaking fluid. He told her that the slight leaking was probably urine because it was so slow and infrequent.

Around 7:30 that night, Pam calls me and tells me that she is in really bad pain and is going to the hospital. I jump into my car and head over to give her support. She had quite a cheering section, I think there was 12 of us in and out of her room.

Around 11:30 that night, she's dilated to a 6, but is also feverish. At midnight, she's running a 102 temp but is also dilated to a 10. She starts pushing but Cody's head keeps bumping her pelvic bone, he won't come out and they can't make him turn.

At 12:30 Pam's fever is up to a 103 and they decide to take the baby via an emergency c-section. Only her husband was allowed in the room. At 1:00am he comes out and says that the baby is alive, but very sick. He weighed 7 pounds 10 oz and was 21 inches long.

About an hour later, he comes and tells us that Cody has swallowed large portions of fluid and has fluid on his lungs, and has also swallowed meconium.

I go home and get some sleep and Pam calls me the next morning. The hospital says there's nothing more they can do for Cody and they are going to Med- flight him to Arkansas Childrens Hospitals, which is one of the best hospitals in the country.

Thank God we only live 1 hour away, Cody is there in less than 15 minutes. Pam had horrible gas problems with her c- section and was very tired and bloated, but they let her go after only 24 hours. She drove to Little Rock that night and every night for the next 10 days.

Cody was in NICU for 7 days, then spent the next 3 in the regular nursery for monitoring. It was wonderful when he finally got to come home.

Pam had been expressing her milk for Cody but she had problems getting him to latch on to the actual breast. He had become accustomed to a nipple. She tried for almost 2 weeks and finally gave in to formula.

Now, only 3 short years later, Cody is a wonderful intelligent 3 year old. He's also expecting a little brother, Clay, in early September. I can't wait to play Godmother again!