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Wednesday, 14 January 2009 07:53
My pregnancy was pretty uneventful with my son. I was due June 2, 1989. Like most first time mom's I went over my due date.

On June 6, 1989 I woke up to contractions. I went to the bathroom and realized that I was passing my mucous plug. I was so excited that I woke mu mom up (I was 21 and single) and we went off to the hospital. When I got to the hospital, my contractions stopped and I was only dialated to two centimeters. They sent me home. 24 hours later I was back (4 am June 7).

My dr. Dr. Christian Blessed (who certainly thought he was a God or something) broke my water and let my labor progress. NEVER was it suggested that they give me pitocin. Sometime around 3:30 I was still only dialted to 6 so they had decided to do a section. On the way to the Delivery/OR room I had the urge to push. They decided to do a vaginal exam and discovered I was at 10 centimeters. They let me push twice. Then they had me get on my hands and my knees, I pushed one more time and they lost his heartbeat. At that point they strapped me to what I call the "crucifixition table" and put a mask over my face. The last thing I remember them saying was "someone is gonna have to push that baby back up, he is crowned".

An hour later I woke up. I could not get ANYONE'S attention. I didn't know if my baby was ok or if he had died. 1/2 hour later they let my dad and my step mom come in. They told me he was beautiful. I wasn't allowed to see him until he was 8 hours old. (MY nurse kept telling me she wouldn't bring him to me until I took at least a 2 hour nap. But I wasn't tired.)

I fell in love with him right then and there. I didn't let them take him for any reason for the next three days. He is a wonderful child. It did take me seven yrs to have another one though. Her birth story is coming soon. Her birth was so different from will be surprised.

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