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Thursday, 08 January 2009 10:05

It's been 8 weeks to the day that Sean was born. I had read every birth story I could find while I was pregnant so it only seems fitting to tell mine. My pregnancy couldn't have gone any smoother, I felt wonderful, never had any morning sickness and only 1 or 2 nights with slight heartburn. I had always wanted a March baby, I'm one and so is my husband, and I didn't like the idea of being pregnant in the Summer. I was also told by DH that we couldn't have a baby until we were married. Well, I conceived 3 days before our wedding. The due date was March 25th. What a perfect gift.

Like I said, things went really smoothly. I did have a problem with my legs going numb and then becoming painful and it wasn't the sciatic nerve but some other one. I had to cut back my work week to 30 hours at about my 6th month and that relieved the pain, the numbness continued but is almost gone now.

I had planned on giving birth without pain medication. The labor rooms in our hospital were just remodeled and included bathtubs to labor in, I was looking forward to those. I was determined to start breastfeeding as soon as possible after delivery. I had read all these wonderful stories and just knew that my experience would be easy. Unfortunately, at 39 weeks my midwife realized that my son was breech. She had been on vacation and when I had asked the nurses the previous weeks what the "hard thing" was up by my ribs, they said "probably knees or feet". I was very disappointed. The Dr. looked at me to see if I was a candidate for a version but decided that there wasn't enough room for him to turn. I was told they would do a c-section and to come in when I went in to labor.

My due date came and went and I was scheduled for "birth" March 30th, 5 days after my due date. By then, I was starting to have trouble sleeping and was anxious to see my son so it was sounding better all the time. My biggest fear was that I would miss bonding with Sean and would have a hard time getting around for a few weeks. The idea of having my stomach cut open did not appeal to me.

The surgery went easy, I was back in my room (rooming in with Sean) in about 2 hours. I didn't get out of bed until the next morning but by then I was feeling pretty good. I had stopped taking most of the pain meds that they were pushing and felt pretty clear headed. I wanted to be in my own home and my own bed. That afternoon, I mentioned that I would like to go home and since I was up changing Sean and he was starting to nurse, they really couldn't see why I had to stay. My husband had thrown his back out the day before Sean was born so he wasn't much help. Luckily I didn't need it. I was out of the hospital in less than 36 hours.

Although I have a hard time thinking of surgery as a birth, I wouldn't change anything. I feel like it may not have been what I envisioned, but it's our experience nonetheless. I have a wonderful healthy son, that was my ultimate goal. He was 7lb4oz, 20" long. Apgars were 8 & 9, he was blue when they pulled him out but pinked up as soon as he got some oxygen. He's been a complete joy-even went on his first camping trip at 6 weeks old. You can see him on our web page at and the password is I would be happy to answer any questions about my c-section if anyone has any. I know I sure did. Good luck to all you expecting moms.