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Tuesday, 30 December 2008 10:14
After almost two years of trying to get pregnant due to complications from endometriosis and two months of fertility drugs wasted we went out and bought a puppy in January '98. I enrolled the puppy in obedience classes and spent most of my evenings working with our puppy...by they way her name is "Lucky". Anyway time passed and I began feeling sick, tired, etc. One day I called my mom at work, she's a nurse, and asked her if they had any pregnancy tests at her office. She said yes and brought one home. That evening I took the test and it was positive. Needless to say the entire family was ecstatic - especially me and my hubby! Turns out getting my mind of trying to get pregnant worked and "Lucky" really is a LUCKY dog!

At my 38, 39, and 40 week check up I was only 50% effaced and a fingertip dialated. Because I was not progressing on my own my OB decided she would go ahead and induce labor.

I went into the hospital the night of Wednesday, December 9, 1998 to have them put Cervadil on my cervix to help soften it out a little bit more and to spend the night with the monitors on. All night long I was having pretty heavy cramping. In the morning they allowed me to take a shower and get freshened up before they began the pitocin drip.

After my shower, the nurse checked me and I still had not progressed any. At around 10:00a she started my pitocin and said my OB would be there between 11:00a and 12:00p to break my water. I labored on my own til about 2:00p - my OB still had not shown up at the hospital.

At this point I got a shot of Nubane which helped me rest for a little while. Soon the contractions became stronger and I still was not progressing. We were waiting and waiting for my OB to show up to break my water so that I might be able to progress on my own. My OB finally showed up a little after 5:00p and broke my water. Contractions became really unbearable and I asked for some more Nubane around 8:00 or so but it didn't help at all this time.

About 20 minutes later I was begging for my epidural and they went ahead and gave it to me. After I received my epidural I rested / slept for about an hour. During this time my mom and my sister-in-law were sitting by my side watching the monitors and talking quitely amongst themselves.

I heard my mom say something about the baby's heart rate dropping and she called a nurse in. The nurse said not to worry about it - that it was normal. Somewhere close to 9:00p my OB came in to check me again and I still had not progressed. At this time she noticed the baby's heart rate dropping and said my baby was in distress (I wish I felt like standing up for myself at the time, I would have knocked that nurse on her butt), plus I had a fever.

She said we could wait another hour to see if I progressed or do a C-section. I said, "If my baby is in distress get him out!" And off we went to the operating room while they intensified the dosage of my epidural to numb me even more.

Davian Luciano was born at 9:12pm and his daddy got to hold him first. My family and I believe that if the OB would have shown up when she was supposed to (between 11:00a and 12:00p) I would have been able to have him vaginally. We later found out that once the OB comes to break your water she cannot leave the hospital and we think that is why she showed up so late.

Anyway, Davian is a beautiful baby no matter how he was born and I recovered very quickly. The OB came by the hospital to remove my staples and I was up walking the halls and she couldn't believe I was doing so well - no thanks to her of course!