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Monday, 01 December 2008 10:04
After finding out I was pregnant in September of 1997, I read every single birth story I could possibly find on the Net, except...for the c-section stories. I never even thought I would have a c-section, that's how naive I was.

I was due June 6 and by that time I was completely miserable. I had gained about thirty pounds, my feet and ankles had swollen beyond belief, I couldn't sleep, and was horribly uncomfortable. My blood pressure had started going up that last week, so my doctor put me on light bed rest. I had been dilated to two for the last three weeks.

Four days after my due date, I went into the hospital at 7:00 am for a Cervadil induction. That's where the stick this string thing in you and it's supposed to bring on labor. I laid in a hospital bed all day and nothing happened. I was so disappointed, but the doctor told me to come back the next morning and I would be induced by Pitocin. I had heard bad things about Pitocin, and was pretty scared.

So, after not sleeping a wink, my husband and I headed back to the hospital, knowing when we left it would be with our baby. I was hooked up to the IV and the Pit started around 9:00 am. Nothing happened. The nurse would turn up the dosage every so often, but still nothing happened. Finally, at 2:30 pm, the doctor broke my water (which I found to be completely painless, but totally gross!) and all hell broke loose. Contractions every minute, lasting for a minute, and all the pain was in my back. This went on for several hours. The nurse gave me a dose of Demerol, which only made me act silly in between my breathing through the contractions. I had talked to my doctor about an epidural and had the okay. When I told the nurse I was ready for it, she said, "Oh, the other girl next door has an epidural right now, and I can't have two going on at once." What!!?! I guess that is is the hospital procedure that someone has to stay with the person having an epidural, and the nurses were short handed that day. I cried and cried to my husband, "Why does that girl get to have one, and not me? It's not fair!" He tried to comfort me, but I was slowly getting out of control. The nurse brought me a cherry popsicle because I was so thirsty. I have never tasted anything so good in my life. Then, I got completely sick to my stomach and threw up the popsicle all over. My husband panicked because it was red and he thought it was blood. (I didn't know this until later thought!) Having a monster contraction and throwing up was one of the worst experiences of my entire life. Hour after hour went by, I cried, and breathed the best I could.

The labor continued, the contractions getting worse. They were still all in my back, and the only way I could get though them was to have my husband rub my back as hard as he could. I started getting the shakes so hard I couldn't control my limbs, they were flopping uncontrollably. Then the nurse came back and said I could have an epidural after all. It only took a minute for them to get it ready, and it didn't hurt a bit when the needle went in. Then....pure heaven! It was like a dream to have all that rotten pain go away. Too bad it didn't last. I had dilated to an eight by 6:00 pm, and stayed that way until 10;00pm. The epidural had to be shut off so I could dilate, and the pain came back even stonger. I never thought I would be one to moan or or yell, but oh, did I ever! I think "Oh, God!" was my favorite thing to yell, and sometimes it was just a long drawn out "Ohhhhh!"

I was checked at midnight, still at an eight. My blood pressure started to shoot up, and the baby's heartbeat was getting erratic. I had the internal monitor put in. Checked at 1:30am, still at an eight. When the doctor came back at 2:30am, and checked me, I heard him say very quietly to the nurse, "Still an eight." I lost it. I grabbed my husband and yelled, "I can't still be at an eight, I can't do this anymore, please help me!" and so on. The doctor witnessed this crazy woman beating on her husband and he must have felt sorry for me. He mentioned the word "c-section" and I yelled "Yes! Let's do it right now, Please!"

Ten miniutes later I was drugged and being wheeled into the OR. I was really scared, but the drug guy was so nice, he explained everything to me. After a lot of tugging, so much that I could feel my body being lifted off the table, I heard someone say "What a big baby, it's huge!" The drug guy leaned over and told my I had a great big baby. Then I heard my husband say it was a boy. That's all I really remember until I was wheeled into my room. The nurse came in and said my son weighed 10 lbs 2 oz. He was the biggest baby there.

I must say that recovering from the c-section was a lot harder then I would have thought. The first time the nurses made me get out of bed and stand, I screamed with pain. I hurt so bad it was unbelievable. The nurses said it was because I went through such a hard labor for so long. My doctor said I can schedule a c-section for my next child, because he is pretty sure I won't be able to progress and dilate. He also told me there was no way my son would have ever been able to be born naturally, he was too big and his head would have been stuck in the birth canal.

It was worth it all to have my sweet little guy, but I can't even think of having another child for a long time, the memory of all that pain is just too fresh.