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Monday, 24 November 2008 11:05

My story I guess starts out the way many do, We were pregnant, we were happy and looking forward to going through all of the expected ups and downs of pregnancy.

Unfortunately, at 24 weeks my water broke. I was rushed to San Francisco University Medical Center to begin what would frighten me, enlighten me, educate me and then bring me joy.

My stay was supposed to be at least a month, I was ordered to stay in my bed, on my side with feet elevated. The staff made sure that I had every comfort in the world. One of my nurses would come in and joke with me and mark the calendar daily as inspiration to hang in there, although I looked at it as how a prisoner marks the days on the wall of his cell! I was a full time working mother of three older children!

Well that lasted for one week and one day! Jakob put his foot into the birth canal at 5:00 am on September 27th! I called the nurse and told her, " I think something is down there!" she laughed, then said "seriously?" next thing I knew three doctors, two nurses an anthesiologist we all over me, as I was trying to call my husband to get here!

Well to sum it all up...Jakob was born at 6:48 via emergency c-section, I had a cyst that was 10cm that had caused my water to leak, this was the beginning of the beginning! I gave birth to a 1 lb.15oz baby boy who would be on life support for the next 2-1/2 months, he would need antibiotics, suctioning, surgery, blood, and everything unimaginable. I would pray every morning thanking God for letting him make it through the night and pray at night for being blessed with another day.

On December 24th we were told that Jakob would be able to come home soon! What a joy. After coming off of the ventilator, then CPAP, and nasal cannula he was doing fine, as long as he could keep up with the breathing thing! Well he did it, with the help of God and a slew of professionals that had large giving and caring hearts, our baby boy came home weighing 5 lbs., three months after and right around the time of his original due date! One week later....he weighed 8lbs!

Jakob is now "corrected"age 5 months. He weighs 18lbs, we have had no major medical problems, he laughs and talks to us probably saying, what was all the fuss? I had a reason to be here early and now I'm going to show you why!

Well, this is our story. I know that there are many parents out there who have gone through similar if not worse preemie experiences. I know because I met a lot of you in the hospital, in the waiting rooms, elevators where we were too stressed to speak, we've patted each other on the back, we've dried each others tears and we looked at each other with joy and yet a little jealousy when one of us went home with our babies and knew that one of us would be back tomorrow. In all of this....we know that we share something, and those experiences will be with us for the next 18 or so years.