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Monday, 24 November 2008 08:27
      These are the birth stories of my two sons. Both were similiar, but also very different, but I guess that can be said about any two births. The births were performed in different hospitals and by different OB's. I'll start with the birth that isn't quite so fresh in my mind. The birth of my oldest son, Tyler who will be four on February 11.

     My pregnancy with Tyler was very predictable, although very unplanned. It was probably one of the best things that ever happened to me in my life. My husband and I got married when I was 6 months along and we moved in with my in-laws until after the baby was born. It was a bit tough, but it was what we had to do at the time and we survived and I think, in a way, it strengthened our marriage. Since I was unsure of when I concieved, the doctor kept changing my due dates. I went from January 19th, to January 27th to finally February 3rd. On my final due date, the doctor scheduled an induction for the following week. We were excited thinking that soon we'd be bringing home our new baby. We never found out what the baby was so it was going to be a surprise, even though I had a pretty good feeling that I was going to have a boy.

      My DH and I had taken all the prenatal classes that were offered by the hospital where I was going to be having our baby, only missing the one on "emergency procedures" thinking that with my nice, wide hips, I would never have a problem giving birth. How foolish we were! Finally, after a long week of waiting, Monday, February 7th came. We were at the hospital bright and early at 7 am with induction scheduled to start at 8 am.

     After the nurses came in and prepped me and put the IV in my arm, the doctor came in and chatted with us, ensuring us that "we will be holding our baby by the end of the day" and "that 95% of inductions result in a baby." I remember sitting during that long day as my contractions got worse and worse, but no progress with my cervix effacing or dilating. I don't think I ever asked for any pain medicine that day. My husband and I chatted with the nurse that was in charge (we had to have a nurse present in the room at all times because of the pitocin drip), playing cribbage, listening to music and watching TV. Finally after a long day, the doctor announced that "we weren't having any progress and he was going to stop the drip and if my contractions slowed down in a half hour, we could go home." He stopped the drip and the contractions did, indeed, stop and we were sent home, disapointed and a bit sad.

     I was scheduled to come back that following Thursday evening to have a cervical cream applied that would, hopefully, put me into labor. The next two and a half days were long with nothing happening and when February 10th we got through the day until we had to go to the hospital *again*. It was kind of funny, we stopped at the local grocery store to pick up some goodies for DH to munch on and was asked by the clerk when I was due. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head when we told her that we were on our way to the hospital to have the baby and, hopefully, by the next day we would have our baby.

     We got to the hospital about 9:30 pm and were admitted into our room where the cream was administered and we both fell into a fitful sleep, waiting for contractions to start and hopeful that the next day would be "The Day." The night passed slowly and the next morning we were a bit disheartened because I hadn't had any "serious" contractions, but when the nurse checked me, she declared me at 80% effaced, but no dilation. Well, we were better off then we had been 3 days ago.

      Back on the pitocin I went. Most of the morning passed relatively painless as the contractions began to get stronger. By 2:00 I was dilated to 4 cm and effaced 90% and the doctor decided that it was time to break my waters. What a sensation feeling the water spill out of my body. I felt like I had wet my pants. Unfortunately, with the breaking of my waters, it also stopped any dilation that I was having and I was stuck at 4 cm with baby at -1 station. *sigh*

     Labor pains got worse and worse and by 3:30 I was on Demoral. By 5:30 I was having major labor pains but *still* only dilated to 4 cm. The doctor was starting to worry and the wires and tubes started. It was horrid. Up to this point I had just had a monitor measuring the baby on the outside. Now they decided that that wasn't giving accurate information through my contractions and they were going to put a scalp monitor on the baby and another wire up into my uterus to measure contractions from the inside to see if they were, indeed, as hard as I was insisting that they were. I was double-peaking (having 2 contractions back to back) that were lasting about 90 seconds each with a about a 30-45 second break between every other contraction. They were getting very difficult to "breath" through and I remember my poor DH trying to help me and I was screaming at him that "I WAS BREATHING!! LEAVE ME ALONE UNLESS YOU CAN MAKE THIS PAIN STOP!!"

      It was decided at about 6:15 pm the doctor told me if I didn't make any more progress by 7:00 a ceserean was going to be done. I was scared, but by this point, I was so delirious with the labor pains that I didn't care. Just anything to make it stop. At 7:00 I was asked if I wanted general anesthesia or a spinal block. At first I chose the general, but my loving DH convinced me that that's not what I really wanted and that I would want to be awake for the birth of our baby. I'm glad he could talk some sense into me. By 7:10 I was being wheeled down to surgery as my husband was scrubbing up, 7:15 I was having the spinal adminstered (which was done incorrectly I later found out because I had no feeling up to my neck. I wasn't able to touch my son when they showed him to me) and at 7:32 pm, on Friday February 11, 1994, with my DH at my side, my Tyler Glen was born.

      He was 10 lbs 7 1/2 oz and was 23 inches long. His head was 15 1/2 inches around and his chest was 15 inches. He was a very large boy. The next morning the doctor came in to talk to me and I was told that it was his size that was causing problems with my labor and I was very lucky to be living at the time I was, I would've died 50 years ago trying to deliver such a large baby. It was a bit traumatic for me, but I was happy because I had the baby that I had been carrying around for over 9 months.