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Tuesday, 18 November 2008 08:27
My husband and I were very nervous during our most recent pregnancy. We have a healthy five year old daughter who was born via C-section, but after that we'd suffered a miscarriage and then a stillbirth. My dad and his mom were both there for the VBAC delivery of our stillborn daughter, which was great moral support.

Anyway...when we got pregnant again, it was stress and anxiety from the moment the little pink line showed up on the pregnancy test. Obviously, nobody was able to promise us a safe delivery, so it was a fun time for all.

My dad and stepmother came down to be with us for the delivery, partly because my husband is military and deploys a lot with little or no notice, and partly because we were such emotional wrecks we needed some support.

I was admitted to the hospital at 10pm for pitocin induction of labor. After a long night and morning, I was still only 4 cm, and by noon the doctor decided he was going to do a c-section.

Well, 45 minutes later our son was born. :) The labor was so fast that even though the hospital policy is one support person in the room during delivery, there was no time to get everyone out and the equipment moved in. SO I had my husband's hand on one side and my dad's hand on the other to hold onto, and my stepmother (to whom I am very close) was the first one to "inspect" the baby as they were wrapping him up. It may seem strange to have all those people in there, but it was absolutely perfect for us.

Unfortunately, baby Andrew got chilled after delivery and developed some breathing trouble and was stuck in NICU for a few days, but he is the happiest, healthiest, easiest-to-breastfeed baby I could have ever asked for! :)

And, his sister thinks he's perfect! :) She took him to school for show and tell when he was 3 weeks old :)