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Tuesday, 18 November 2008 08:15
     On Halloween night, after a day full of uncertainty and questions (as well as light contractions) I told my mom I was ready to go to the hospital. Unfortunately, the nurses didn't agree with my idea that I was in labor (after all, I was only dialated to 1 centimeter - same as the prior two weeks).

      After the return trip home, I settled down for a couple of hours of uneasy sleep, only to be awakened by a honest-to-goodness contraction. As sure as I was that this was the real thing, I let my mother sleep until 5:00am, then I pratically tore down her door. By seven o'clock (yes, it took two hours to convince her and my dad that they were real labor contractions) we went for another drive to the hospital. This trip was a lot more uncomfortable because I was in a lot more pain. After I went through another centimeter check (still one, but "almost" two) the nurses called for a visit from my obstetrician, who, at 9 o'clock, pronounced me 3 centimeters dialated and in need of a C-section.

      At 11:30 (I have no idea why they waited so darn long) I walked into the delivery room, IV and catheter in place. I was given a spinal, which deadened all sensation from mid-chest to my little feet, and the surgery began. While I could not feel any pain, I did feel tugging and pulling. In addition to the screamingly cold operating room and my own fear, I was so looking forward to hearing my baby cry for the first time. When the nurse told my mother to stand up, I knew it was about to happen, and all of my emotions welled up as my nervousness cranked up to the highest notch. The nurse began to shove down on my fundus and at 12:07pm, my son Dagan was born.

      As his cry echoed in the large, white room, I felt so many things - from confusion (is that really my baby?) to joy to impatience - I wanted to see my baby! Unfortunately, the doctor decided to put me back together at that moment, and I got sick right when they asked, "Do you want to see your baby?" I heard a nurse say, "Mommy doesn't feel good right now," and I frantically said "Yes!" As my newborn baby was presented to me, I said "Why, he's cute!" They took off his hat so I could kiss his little, soft, warm head, and I thought, "Hey, I'm a mom now."

The End!