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Tuesday, 10 February 2009 10:14
It's Monday morning,24th November,1997. I woke up with a strange feeling that I was wet. I went to the bathroom to discover that my pyjamas were wet indeed. Since they didn't smell,I realized it was amniotic fluid.

I woke up my husband and told him not to go to work. I phoned to the clinic and they told me the doctor hadn't arrived;it was six o'clock.They told me to go and get checked. They said I would probably be sent home again since I had no contractions.

The clinic was 150 km away.I put my labour bag in the car and left. Two hours later we arrived in Nicosia, Cyprus.Dr Papapetrou said that I was leaking amniotic fluid and I was kept in the clinic. When he examined me again later that day, he said I wouldn't give birth soon.He pointed out though,that he would perform a caesarian if I hadn't given birth until the following night. He was afraid I would get an infection.

I was only 37 weeks and I was given steroid injections to mature the baby's lungs. The following day, I woke up experiencing period-like pains.When I was examined,I was 5 cm dilated.I got an IV and started walking in the corridors.The pain got worse because of the IV and they injected pethidine. I felt a bit better but dizzy.

My mother was massaging my lower back from time to time which was a bliss. My husband was walking with me.When I felt the urge to push, they put me in the labour suit.My husband stayed outside.There were two obstetricians, two nurses and a physiotherapist with me. They all helped me a lot during the pushing stage which was not very difficult.

The whole labour lasted three hours and it was my first child.The pushing stage lasted 30 minutes but they performed an episiotomy because the baby was premature.She weighed 2.7 kg and she was 47cm tall. She was given to me immediately and they cut the cord. She was covered in vernix and they gave her a bath.They gave her to me later when she was dressed. Fortunately,she was breathing normally and didn't need special care.

I was moved in my own private room where I got some tea and a toast. Four days later, I went home with the baby.