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Thursday, 05 February 2009 09:44
One day past my due date, my husband Paul and I were at the bathroom mirror, getting ready for work, when I started feeling a slow trickle of fluid. Very excited that I might have a baby that day or the next, I sent him off to work so I could get my things in order (I still hadn't packed my bag for the birth center, except for what I'd picked out for the baby to wear home!).

Well, all morning my water trickled and trickled, and I went from Maxi- pads to Depends. But no contractions came. I called the midwife and worried that they would make me deliver at the hospital so they could induce contractions. She said not to worry, they'd do no such thing until much later. I guess they have less of a time limit than most hospitals on that sort of thing.

Paul blabbed to his coworkers of course, and they all insisted that he come home. He showed up around 11:30, and we went shopping for groceries, Lansinoh, and other last-minute baby things I had wanted. At around 2:00 or so, between aisles at CVS, my contractions finally started very mildly, and before we even left the store, they were making me breathe heavy and were only a few minutes apart. Still resigned to a 12-hour labor (which they prepare you for in Bradley classes), we returned home. I chopped a cantaloupe and Paul packed my cooler of food and drinks. All the while, the contractions were close and hard, but I couldn't bring myself to believe I was very far along. So to take our minds off labor, we decided to watch a video (I think we had rented a special edition Star Wars movie). I didn't get ten minutes into it before I had to go lie down.

I spent the next half hour going back and forth from the bed to the toilet, groaning with the intensity of the contractions, which worried Paul enough to call the midwife. He thought that I was in transition, and I didn't. I just thought, if it hurts this much now, how will I ever survive when I AM in transition? The midwife said she'd go to the center and call us when she arrived. I remember that while he was on the phone, I was feeling pulled apart inside. I knew that this was my cervix stretching around the baby's head, and it was incredible. As soon as Paul hung up the phone, I felt a sensation like a "plop" and immediately had to push!

I could have had the baby right there in the bathroom, but was nervous enough to let Paul talk me into the car. Fighting the pushing urge was the most excruciating feeling! Women, God gives our bodies the urge to do whatever is right at the time! If I had to do it over again, I would have just had the baby at home. Anyway, we got to the birth center about two minutes before the midwife. Upon arrival I was pronounced "complete," and started timidly pushing. Whew! After having dreaded this moment for eight months, I actually found it a relief to push. The midwife didn't mess around--I think she called an assistant and threw some blankets in the oven, and from then on she stayed by my side, seeming to think it was going to happen quickly.

And it did.Carmen Kay was born at 6:45pm, 35 minutes after we arrived. We stayed and marveled at her while the assistant cleaned up. I nursed her for a bit, and we went home the same night at 10:30. Carmen nursed and slept with us in our cozy bedroom from the beginning.

(On a funny side note: our Bradley class instructor happened to be teaching another class at the center that night. While we were waiting in the parking lot for the midwife, there was a couple waiting for the class. I remember thinking, "I've gotta play it cool, I can't let them know how much agony I'm in, or it'll scare them off!" Ha! When the instructor came for her class, Paul ran out and had her come join us for the birth. She was a great morale booster, and ended up videotaping some of the birth!)

I love to tell this story because I was encouraged by other women's stories while I was expecting. Ladies, be strong and know that God made our bodies able to birth! Yes, we are capable of so much more in life, but our bodies were designed to bear children. Don't be afraid of it! The pain doesn't last forever, and it serves a purpose. I pray that you all can reflect on your own stories as happily as I do!