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Friday, 16 January 2009 08:56
I was nervous about the birth since my previous birth had not progressed past 6 cm and I ended up in a c-section. In the final weeks the midwife checked my cervix for progress. But, while my cervix was softening, I had not dialted at all. On the Friday preceeding my due date (which was that Sunday) - my appointment revealed no change. So we both assumed it might be awhile yet. She said her best recommendation was to go home and have sex which my husband & I did.

The next morning I woke with the vague recollection that I'd been dreaming I was having contractions throughout the night. I went to the bathroom to find my mucus plug and the bloody show I'd been hoping for. I hadn't dreamed those contractions afterall.

I had contractions, infrequent and painless throughout that day and into the following night. During that night however they got to be 2 min. apart and while they were not long (lasting 30 seconds) or terribly painful, they were keeping me from sleep. My mom had stayed the night that night and I went down to have her time them with me (didn't want to wake my husband unduely). After timing them for 2 hours we decided to call the midwife. We were directed to meet her at the birth center at 2:30am.

We got up and got my husband's family up to come over to take care of our 3 year old son and headed down. When I arrived the midwife checked me and found I was only 2 cm. She stripped my membranes and I was then 3 cm. But, she said I was there too soon and needed to come back when the contractions were longer and I wasn't smiling so much. The contractions incidently were now also very irregular and not every 2 min.

I went home and did some pelvic rocks hoping to get some rest. It worked and I was able to sleep the rest of that night. The next morning I noticed the change immediately. Contractions were more painful and longer lasting though they were still irregular. I felt more reclusive than the previous day when I was out swimming and socializing with my parents and my husband's parents. I wanted to sort of "hide out" and the contractions and discomfort were enough to bring tears to my eyes.

That afternoon things really got going. Contractions were coming without letup and I was needing assistance and comfort measures from my husband and mom. We tried various positions until I found what worked best: rocking in the rocking chair between contractions and hanging from my husband's neck and squating during contractions.

My mom charted the length of each contraction and the time between them. They also had me changing positions frequently to see how the contractions were affected. When I changed positions, the next contraction would take longer to come but would be more painful. We kept wondering, will these ever stay the same span apart even with position change???? Finally, after doing this for several hours we decided to call the midwife again. She said to meet her there at 6pm.

Getting to the birth center this time was a test in strength for me. My contractions were coming every 2 min. and took all of my self control to get through. They were lasting 45-60 seconds now. When we arrived, the midwife said, "Oh, I see things are quite different than they were early this morning. She checked me and I was 4 cm. All that work for 1 cm!!! I requested that she break my water, I wanted to get on with things. When she did, I went to 5 cm. She told my husband to keep me moving and things would go much faster.

And that's exactly what he did. I walked, then he'd rotate my hips on the birthing ball, then I sat on the toilet, then I hunched over on the birth ball in the bed, and then back to the walking. I actually fell asleep in the minute or so between contractions when I was in a stationary position. I was very "out of it" and needed my husband's constant assistance.

Finally, after several hours my husband asked if they would check me. They came in and asked me if I wanted that to be done. I was somewhat apprehensive since if I hadn't passed the 6 cm. mark yet, I might become discouraged and worry that I would become stuck there again. On the other hand if I'd passed that point it could bring about a very positive attitude. We finally decided to do it. When she checked me I was 8 cm. I was overjoyed. I heard my mom say, "Wow that means she'll be going into transition now." This sent a wave of fear over me but, I was also excited about nearing the end.

In fact, the contractions never changed or didn't seem to in my mind. The urge to push came over me a short time later and at about the same time I became VERY wide eyed and alert as though someone had given me a wake up pill. Moments later the midwife was wanting to check me again. I thought it's got to be too soon. But, when she did I was 9 cm.

Moments later she was checking again (they had me stay in bed since my blood pressure had gone up) and it was time to push. All the pain went away and I was focused on the task of pushing. Once the midwife showed me how to push - I needed no further assistance and directed the remainder of the birth.

I pushed for 1/2 hour and my little girl was born. 9lbs, 9ounces and in perfect health. They put her on my stomach and she and I looked into each other's eyes for the first time. I went home 3 hours later and she and I both came off our birth high's and slept for 6 hours straight!!! What an awesome experience!