Writing an Adoption Recommendation Letter

Writing an adoption recommendation letter is not that different from writing other sorts of recommendation letters. An adoption recommendation letter speaks to your personal knowledge of the person, to your estimation of their suitability for the situation, and the person’s strengths and weaknesses that you have been able to observe.

There are some things to consider when writing an adoption recommendation letter. First, you need to take this task as a serious responsibility. When you agree to write the adoption recommendation letter, you should first be certain that you understand who will be reading the letter, and what it is that the letter will be used for, exactly. You should also find out what sorts of information should be included in the adoption recommendation letter. If you don’t believe that you can adequately write the adoption recommendation letter, it is not uncommon for the other person to write the letter and for you, if you agree with what the letter says, to sign it after the fact. In addition, you will want to keep a copy of the adoption recommendation letter for your own records.

If you are writing your own adoption recommendation letter, there are several things that should be included. An adoption recommendation letter should include information about how you know the person that you are recommending. It should tell how long you have known them, and in what capacity. It should talk about the person’s strengths, qualifications, and any other skills that you have observed. You should discuss their character, their contributions to the community, their accomplishments, their dependability, and their consistence. You should summarize the types of interactions that you have seen the person have with children, whether they are your children or whether they are other children. You should also discuss the persons temperament and attitudes about child rearing. Finally, you need to summarize the adoption recommendation letter with why you recommend the person, and how fully you recommend them.

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