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Withholding Bowel Movements When Potty-Training

More than likely you will find potty training your child for pee is relatively easy. The challenge frequently arises when potty training for BMs. There are many reasons why, but frequently children withhold their BM during the potty training process. The following explanations are some of the more common ones regarding withholding bowel movements during potty training.

Not Ready for Training
It could be possible that your child is withholding his BMs during potty training because he just is not ready to use the potty. Of course, your child may be happy using the potty to pee and do so on a regular basis but when it comes to BMs your child wants a diaper or pull up. If this is the case dont pressure your child. Simply allow him to use his diaper for his BM while talking to him about how the potty is there and waiting for him when he wants to use it. Also, keep in mind that if your child is withholding bowel movements and does not pee in the toilet either that maybe toilet training should be postponed for a while until your child is ready.

Believe it or not but many children are constipated. The result is that they hold their stool in instead of having a bowel movement. Food may be causing the problem of hard dry stools that hurt when they are passed. Sometimes children have one really bad bowel movement that is excruciatingly painful that scares them from having another. The result is that your child will try and hold all stool in rather than passing it which will only compound the problem. Have your pediatrician evaluate your child to see if he/she is constipated because some changes in diet may be in order as well as medication. Putting a hold on potty training until your child can have a regular, soft bowel movement might be a good idea.

Scared of the Toilet
Many parents believe this sounds funny, but some toddlers are scared of the toilet. They dont want to have a BM in the toilet because they are scared they will get sucked down, fall in, or any other number of creative fears. You may tell your child that this wont happen, but you need to be empathetic. Your child is afraid and withholding his bowel movements as a result. So, buy him a potty chair that he can use for bowel movements and over time he will learn that the potty wont eat him and things will get back to normal.

Talk to Your Doctor
Any time your child is withholding bowel movements you need to make an appointment with your doctor to see what is going on. It could be something simple or it could be more serious. Regardless, you dont want to delay. Go ahead and make an appointment with your pediatrician to find out what is going on.

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