Why You Shouldn’t Pick Your Used Pregnancy Test Out Of the Trash

You think you might be pregnant so you go to the store, buy a pregnancy test, and take it. The result may be positive or negative at which point you scream in enthusiasm or breathe a sigh of relief. Most folks then dump the used pregnancy test into the trash can. If for some reason once you have thrown the pregnancy test away you want to pick it out of the trash there are several good reasons why you should not.

You Cant Reuse It
First of all, pregnancy tests are one use only. That means once you pee on the stick and see your results you wont be able to reuse the test. So, if after you toss the pregnancy test in the trashcan you want to retest and see if you receive the same result then you will need to buy a new test. The old one has been used and cannot be used again. Plus, you already know whether the test said positive or negative so you dont really need to see it again! If the pregnancy test is in the trash then just let it stay there and dont worry about it anymore.

Its Dirty
The next good reason why you should leave your used pregnancy test in the trash is because it is dirty! Think of all the things you toss in the trashcan and you will know that you dont want to go plundering through the trash looking for a used pregnancy test. Just let the test stay in the trashcan with the rest of the trash and if for some reason you really want a pregnancy test with your results you should take another one. Then you can store it in a plastic bag or something for posterity if that is what you are really interested in doing.

The Reading Will Fade
Some women really want to keep their positive pregnancy test because they want to always remember the moment they found out they were pregnant. This might seem like a lot of fun, and lots of women do it, but most pregnancy tests dont display the positive results indefinitely. It really depends on the type of pregnancy test you have, but most of them will fade over time and the results will no longer be visible. In this instance a good way to remember the positive test and all your emotions surrounding it is to simply take a digital picture of the test, print it out, and save it for your baby book. Its a great way to remember and is not as gross as hanging onto a used pregnancy test for years!

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