Why Is My Toddler Is Pulling Her Own Hair?

Toddlers are amazing little creatures. They aren’t quite kids, but they aren’t babies, and they have their very own style of interacting and getting your attention. Quite frequently, toddlers engage in activities that are shocking and appalling to parents. One of them is pulling their own hair. Why do they do this? There are actually several answers for why toddlers pull their own hair.


Toddlers love experimenting. They absolutely love to practice cause and effect over and over again even if it causes them pain. In fact, that is why they keep pulling their own hair. They are trying to figure out why taking hold of that beautiful lock of hair and pulling on it actually hurts. They figure if they pull their hair more then they will be able to figure it out eventually. And, they do. They eventually learn that pulling hair hurts, plain and simple!


More than likely when little Susie is pulling her hair you make a scene. She enjoys seeing your reaction and knowing that by pulling her hair, she can get such a rise out of you. You probably rush to her side, take her hand out of her hair, and begin to play with her to make sure she doesn’t do it again. You are doing exactly what she wants you to do, which is give her more attention!

As parents, it’s really hard to pay as much attention to your children as they want. That’s because even though you would love to play with them, read them books, and play outside all day there are other things that must be accomplished like laundry, shopping, and cooking. Because of this, toddlers sometimes are left to entertain themselves for a few moments. If during this time they become bored or want your attention they may begin pulling their own hair to get you to react.

What to Do?

It’s a hard balance being a parent and paying the right amount of attention to your child. The next time you see your little one pulling their own hair explain to them that their hair is connected to their head and if they pull it then it will hurt. Take a few moments to play with them and realize that as much as they laundry needs to be folded your toddler will only be small for a short time, so take extra time to lavish them with attention.

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