Why Is My Kindergartener Not Fully Potty-Trained?

Many children are potty trained before they enter kindergarten, however some of them still have accidents that cause serious anxiety in their parents. Parents seem to worry more about their kindergartener not being full potty trained than the child does! This is completely normal so it is best to take it in stride. Of course, if your child is not potty trained during the day by age five you should take your child to the doctor to see if there is a physical problem. Many times there is not, but that should be ruled out first just to make sure you are not expecting something from your child that is physically impossible. If all tests show your child is ok then there could be some other reasons why your kindergartener is not fully potty trained.

Stress is a Factor

Believe it or not but children can experience stress and frequently when your child is stressed out during the potty training process accidents can happen. What this means is that you believe your child is not fully potty trained when they really may be and are just having accidents due to stress in their lives.

Some stressful events that can lead to accidents and cause you to believe your kindergartener is not fully potty trained include major life changes. These can vary significantly and might include one parent returning to work, starting a new school, a new baby sitter, new schedule, being picked on, family problems, a move to a new home, a new brother or sister, and many others. When these types of events occur they frequently stress children out and the result of being stressed out is frequent accidents with even potty trained children. So, if your kindergartener is not fully potty trained consider what is going on in his/her life. Are there any major events occurring or that have recently occurred that are impacting your childs life? If so that could be the cause and you might like to sit down and talk to your child to make them feel better and try and help them get control of their feelings.

Not Emotionally Ready
It is amazing, but there are some children out there who simply are not emotionally ready to use the potty. They may be four or five years old, but they still prefer a diaper to trying to use the potty. This is certainly a frustrating situation to many parents because at this age most children are fully potty trained. However, dont allow yourself to get into a comparison of your child with another. Each child is different and develops at different rates. So, what should you do if your child is not using the potty by kindergarten age? Check on their emotional state.

Some children simply are cautious, enjoy using diapers or pull ups, and dont really care to initiate the potty training process. This leaves parents feeling a little crazy over the whole situation, but dont. Many times as your child begins kindergarten with pull-ups on the other children will make fun of him/her for being a baby. This ridicule is often enough to get your child to forget the pull-ups and start potty training. Of course, this is not always the case so be ready to be patient.

Final Thoughts
There is no certain age your child should be potty trained by and plenty of kindergarteners across the nation are not fully potty trained. So, if this is taking place in your family dont despair. One day your child will be fully potty trained and you can go on to conquer bigger and better problems!

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