Why Is My 5 Year Old Still Not Nighttime Potty-Trained?

Most children begin to show interest in using the potty by the age of two or three. And, these kids generally daytime potty train pretty quickly. Then, nighttime potty training begins. Lots of kids are nighttime potty trained by age four or five, however not all of them. There is still a good percentage of kids that will have accidents during the night for weeks, months, or even years. Dont get upset, it is not your childs fault. Many children simply are not physically developed to the point they need to be in order to be nighttime potty trained. So, if you have a five year old who is still not nighttime potty trained dont worry too much. Of course, a trip to the doctor to see if there are any physical reasons why might be in order. However, if there are no problems then you will just have to wait it out and be patient.

If you have been trying to potty train your five year old at night and it is just not working and the doctor says all is well physically then try backing off for a while. Put your child in pull ups at night and just give the nighttime potty training a break. Perhaps your child is a very sound sleeper and just cant wake up to go to the potty at night. If this is the case then you could consider waking her up every time you go to the bathroom at night to see if she has to go. If this is too much effort or she is in too much of a daze to know what is going on then just let it slide for a while. Being dry during the day is the most important and pull ups will work at night for a while. Just be patient with your child and no matter how old he/she is never embarrass or criticize your child for not being nighttime potty trained. These things take time and every child is on their very own schedule. Unfortunately, this schedule does not always correspond with the schedule the parent would like, but that is just the way it is when you have kids!

If after you have given nighttime potty training a break you should talk to your child about starting again. When your child has dry pull ups in the morning you will know it is a good time to start trying again. Simply talk to your child and let him/her know how nice it is to stay dry all night long, limit fluid intake before bed, and try waking him/her up at night to potty. It will take a while but before long your childs body will be able to hold urine long enough for your child to wake up and go to the potty. Expect accidents to still happen, just fewer of them. It takes a while for kids to become potty trained so dont give up!

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