Why Is Homeschooling Becoming So Popular?

Some studies suggest that homeschooling definitely is becoming more popular. What once was considered odd or out of place is rapidly becoming more and more accepted, even by people who don’t themselves homeschool. There are many reasons that more and more parents are homeschooling their children.

One of the biggest reasons that homeschooling is becoming so popular is the perception that public schools are more dangerous places than they were in previous generations. The fact that the media reports constantly on school violence, combined with the extreme measures that some schools employ, such as “zero-tolerance” policies and other extreme procedures such as having metal detectors in schools, lead many parents to believe that public schools are not a safe environment for their children. Certainly, this fear of school violence contributes to homeschooling becoming so popular.

There are also now many more options for homeschoolers than there were in the past. The availability of everything from curriculum to home school playgroups to accredited distance-education homeschool programs all have made it so that homeschooling is becoming more popular. In turn, as homeschooling becomes so much more popular, there is more and more of a market for those homeschooling resources, and so there are more homeschool play groups, more curriculum choices, and more options in general. In other words, as homeschooling becomes more popular, the things that make it popular will continue to grow as well.

Finally, one of the reasons that homeschooling is becoming so popular is that parents increasingly feel like their value systems are at odds with the values being taught in schools. Whether it is an issue like evolution or whether it is relativistic ethics, many parents just don’t want their children being taught a certain way. In addition, homeschooling affords parents the opportunity to focus on their own beliefs and their own values.

At this point, it would seem that homeschooling will continue to become more popular, at least until parents feel like their concerns about things like violence and values have been addressed.

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