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Why Does My Toddler Have Bad Breath & What Can I Do?

Bad breath is a problem that plagues not only adults, but often toddlers as well. Bad breath can be caused by a variety of things. These can include:

– Bad dental hygiene practices. A buildup of tartar, gum problems such as gingivitis, or even a tooth infection or abscess can be responsible for your toddler having bad breath. In addition, food particles that become trapped between your toddler’s teeth, or that coat the roof of the mouth, tongue, cheeks, or floor of the mouth can cause bad breath.

– Pacifier use. Pacifiers or other objects that your child sucks, such as a thumb or a blanket, might be covered in bacteria that cause bad breath.

– Sinus problems. A sinus infection or persistent nasal discharge can cause your toddler to have bad breath.

– Other infections. If the throat or the tonsils are infected or have food trapped in them, this can cause your toddler to have bad breath.

– Reflux. If your toddler has gastroesophageal reflux, this also can cause bad breath. Reflux will generally by accompanied by other symptoms, such as throat pain.

– Dehydration. If your child is not getting enough fluids, it can cause her mouth to dry out, creating a breeding ground for bacteria.

There are some things that you can do to deal with your toddler’s bad breath, such as:

– Make sure your toddler is getting enough fluids throughout the day.

– If your toddler’s bad breath is caused by dental hygiene, help him out with brushing. Show him the correct techniques. Help him to brush for a long enough time. Use a timer if necessary. Consider the use of a water pick, or perhaps a rotating toothbrush.

– If necessary, talk with a pediatric dentist. Get into a regular hygiene routine if you aren’t already. Ask the pediatric dentist to take a look at his gums and teeth.

– Talk with your pediatrician, as well. If your toddler’s bad breath is caused by infections or reflux, there may be things that you can do to help.

– Make sure anything that your toddler sucks, such as a pacifier, is frequently sanitized.

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