Why Do Woman Leave A Marriage?

There are a variety of reasons why a woman might leave a marriage. One major reason that a woman might leave a marriage is when her spouse is physically or emotionally abusive, and unwilling or unable to get treatment for the abusive tendencies. A woman who is in physical danger from their spouse should not stay with them. Even the most conservative of religions that look at divorce as being taboo tend to see divorce as a reasonable step in the case of physical abuse. An abusive spouse who is unwilling to get help will never change on his own; when this happens, it is probably time to end a marriage.

A cheating husband is another reason why a woman might leave a marriage. The feelings of distrust and betrayal that comes when a husband commits adultery are too much to handle, and the offense often is too serious to forgive. On the other hand, many couples have weathered this sort of storm and, after a long time and a long, hard road to recovery, been able to stay together. In these instances, while the vow of fidelity has been broken, the vow to stay together for better and worse can sometimes still be kept. Here again, the couple has to be willing to try to save the marriage.

Sometimes a woman will leave a marriage when she feels neglected or underappreciated. IF a husband only pays attention to his wife when he wants sex, or if he fails to recognize how much work she does, whether inside or outside of the home, a woman can be come frustrated, angry, and even depressed. When she raises these feelings to her husband, he is either unresponsive, or even argumentative. It may be that he says he will try to do better, but over and over again refuses to change.

There are other reasons that a woman might leave a marriage besides these reasons. Sometimes couples cannot come to agreements about children, either about whether to have them or how to raise them once they have them. Other times, difficulties with in-laws, other family, or friends can lead to a divorce. Another reason for divorce can be a conflict of personal beliefs or philosophy. Sometimes, during the dating and honeymoon periods, religious or political differences don’t seem very important, but after a few months or a few years they can be a reason for divorce. In other cases, financial problems become reasons for divorce, where the couple cannot agree about how finances are to be spent, or where money becomes more important than their relationship.

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