Why Do They Circumcise Babies?

Male babies in the United States are frequently circumcised. In fact, during on point in time almost 90% of all male children were circumcised. Today that percentage has gone down drastically and there are even some parts of the country where the circumcision rate among newborns is lower than 40%. The percentages vary wildly depending on the part of the country one is in, however fewer parents are choosing to circumcise their babies these days. Of course, there are still many parents who choose to do so. Almost always the reasons why parents choose to circumcise their babies are for cultural reasons or religious reasons.

Cultural Reasons Not to make a blanket statement, but most parents who circumcise their little baby boys due to cultural reasons never even consider not doing it. They assume everyone else in the culture is circumcised and they dont want their child to be picked on or seen as different so they choose not to circumcise. This really is a shame because circumcision is not a procedure that can be easily reversed and it can dramatically impact your little boys life. So, before circumcising for cultural reasons make sure you know you are doing it for the right reasons.

Religious Reasons Other religions call for male circumcision. The most common religion to circumcise are the Muslims and the Jews. However, there has been study of late on circumcision within religion and much debate has arisen about whether circumcision is truly part of that religion or something that was assumed to be so for many years. In most cases it comes down to how the religious books are interpreted. Nevertheless, many families who would typically circumcised for religion reasons are choosing not to.

Overall it is probably a good idea to pass on circumcision and simply let your child make that decision. It is genital mutilation and submitting your newborn infant to this seems somewhat cruel. However, may parents do it every single day. If you are going to have a little boy then make sure you have read up on the positives and negatives of circumcision so that you know why it is done, how it is done, and how it will affect your child.

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