Why Do I Need Vitamin A During Pregnancy?

When you look at the area of a woman’s nutritional needs during pregnancy, you look for specific deficiencies. Folic acid and iron, for example, are two of the nutrients that are most often deficient in a pregnant woman. They’re also key ingredients in most prenatal vitamins. There are good reasons for this, of course. It’s believed that folic acid can reduce the chances of your baby having certain types of birth defects by more than two thirds. Iron helps to supply the flow of blood to the baby, and a woman needs about twice as much during pregnancy as when she’s not pregnant.

There are other common elements in a prenatal vitamin that can also be important. One of the most common and most important components in a prenatal vitamin is Vitamin A. Vitamin A does several things to help your baby grow and develop the way she should during pregnancy.

How, exactly, does Vitamin A help out? Vitamin A helps your baby during pregnancy in a variety of ways. First of all, Vitamin A is an important part in cell differentiation. A Vitamin A deficiency is also thought to lead to birth defects. Vitamin A also boosts the immune system, in particular working against respirator infections. As you can see, there are a great many ways that vitamin A can help your baby during pregnancy.

Now, there have been some studies in recent years that have raised some concerns or questions. These studies suggest that getting too much Vitamin A during pregnancy can cause a danger to a woman or the baby. These concerns, however, aren’t usually an issue. You see, very few people get enough Vitamin A in their diet to begin with. In addition, the Vitamin A that is included in a prenatal vitamin isn’t exactly pure Vitamin A. Instead, it comes as beta carotene. This beta carotene is converted by the woman’s body to Vitamin A when the body needs it. This means it’s nearly impossible for a woman to have an overdose of Vitamin A just from taking her prenatal vitamin.

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