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Why Do Babies Smile?

Around 12 weeks of age you will more than likely see your baby smiling. These smiles may range from small to big open mouthed grins. By six months of age almost all babies smile, laugh, and make happy faces. But, the question is why do babies smile?

Basically, babies smile for the same reason as anyone else. They smile when they are happy. This may be because their mother just walked into the room or a favorite toy has been found. Sometimes babies smile because they see everyone else smiling and want to be in on the fun. Other times babies will smile when they see a loved one, a dog, or anything that might be considered funny by such a young child. Some individuals claim that babies smile simply in reaction to an adults smile. But, many other experts do not think that is the case.

The reasoning behind this is that a baby smiles when he experiences pleasure. If he is sitting on the floor and his dad bends down to pick him up he will likely smile. The correlation of someone the baby loves picking him up and him smiling is too closely connected to overlook. Also, this action will likely be repeated over and over showing the child really does enjoy being picked up by a loved one and smiles because of it. Additionally, babies smile when playing with toys or hearing new music. Smiles are natural and we are born to smile. Even little babies prove this by the time they are three months of age.

Also, the claim that smiling may be a cultural thing is completely off base. The reason why is that all over the world in some vary isolated locations people smile when they see one another and babies smile at their parents and loved ones when they are young. Apparently, smiling is just a natural reaction to happiness and this reaction is worldwide.

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