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Why Do Babies Need Tummy-Time?

New parents worry about what their child needs and how to best raise them. One important thing new parents should know about is the importance of tummy time. Babies need tummy time on a daily basis and there are many reasons why. The following reasons why tummy time is important will help you understand a little better.

Increases Confidence Tummy time is important because it increases a babys confidence. When the baby is more confident then he/she will be more willing to try something new, like crawling. Babies who regularly receive tummy time are also more independent than those who dont. Not to mention babies who do not receive tummy time frequently are delayed developmentally. The reason why is that babies who have tummy time become more interested in their surroundings and learning whats out there than babies who dont receive tummy time.

Learn Movement Most babies today are put to sleep on their backs. The reason why is that research shows that babies who sleep on their bellies have a higher risk of sudden infant death syndrome. But, just because babies sleep on their backs does not mean they cant be placed on their bellies during the day for tummy time. These babies learn movement and discover their bodies and its movements earlier on. They also walk, crawl, and roll over.

Strengthen Muscles Another reason tummy time is so important is because the babies begin strengthening their muscles. They strengthen their neck as they lift up to look around. They also strengthen their arms and abdominal muscles which is important for a small baby.

Tummy time is very important and new mothers should ensure their brand new baby receives tummy time several times per day for at least a few minutes each time. Ensuring this will allow your baby to develop quicker and to stay on track. Tummy time is wonderful and if you start your baby from birth then you wont need to worry about your child crying and hating the position later on.

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