Why Do Babies Get Viruses?

Babies get viruses just like everyone else. However, babies are actually more prone to viruses and illnesses because their immune system is so immature. Because of this when a virus presents itself the baby will more than likely get sick because it doesnt have the antibodies to fight the virus off. Many parents wonder why babies get viruses and the answer is the same for why adults get viruses. People get sick and viruses frequently cause those sicknesses. Some babies get sick more often than others and there are several reasons why this happens.

Breast Fed Babies Breast fed babies do not catch viruses or other illnesses as often as formula fed babies because they receive many of their mothers antibodies through the milk. This means if the mother has antibodies against colds, flu, and other viruses then the baby will be more protected when one of these viruses presents itself. Breast fed babies still have immature immune systems, but the mothers immune system serves as a form of protection since the antibodies are found in the mothers milk. If you want to do all you can to protect your baby from illness then breastfeeding is a great choice.

Caregiver Some babies stay home with their moms all day and are not in constant contact with other people and germs. Because of this babies whose primary caregiver is the mother have fewer virus infections than babies in other types of care. For instance, babies cared for by a daycare constantly get sick with viruses because once one child is sick the virus passes through the air and gets all the other kids sick. The best way to protect other children from catching your childs virus is to keep them home for the duration of the time your child has a temperature.

Other Illnesses Some babies are born ill and as a result are weaker than other babies. Because of this they are especially prone to catching viruses. It is because of this that these babies should be protected at all costs because a virus could really threaten their lives.

Viruses are just part of life and that is true for babies as well as adults. It is much harder to deal with a baby sick with a virus because they cant communicate with you. However, if your baby comes down with a virus you will notice the symptoms and as soon as you do it is the time to take your baby to the doctor. Viruses cant be treated with antibiotics, but there are some medicines that can reduce the power of the virus so your baby gets well quicker and doesnt suffer as much.

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