Why am I Bleeding During the First Trimester?

The first trimester is an exciting time and while women are getting used to the idea of being pregnant they are also worried about all of the changes taking place in their bodies. One cause for concern is bleeding in the first trimester. Any type of spotting or bleeding during the first three months of pregnancy should be followed up by your doctor. Serious bleeding is a good reason to see a doctor immediately or even visit the emergency room. Many women experience first trimester bleeding and in most cases it is something very minor that is causing the bleeding. However, there are situations that are dangerous that could be causing the bleeding and that’s why it is so important to see a doctor. Remember, first trimester bleeding does not signal an automatic miscarriage so as difficult as it is to sit back and relax that truly is the best thing you can do for your baby!

One problem that many women experience is cervicitis. The cells in the cervix become extremely sensitive and anything from intercourse to a Pap smear can cause bleeding. It’s not normal to bleed during pregnancy, but this type of bleeding is nothing to be concerned about. Of course, bleeding due to sexually transmitted diseases are more worrisome and worth treatment so talk to your doctor about this. All women will receive STD testing.

Other times there may be some passing of tissue along with bleeding or spotting. This could be random tissue that is released due to the changes in hormones and is no cause for concern. If it is tissue from the placenta or fetus then this is cause for concern and could signal a miscarriage. Because of this any passing of tissue requires immediate care from a doctor.

Although bleeding during pregnancy is scary many times it is not a cause for concern. However, when there is bleeding or spotting it is important to call your OB/GYN to find out if you need to be seen. Most of the time you will need to make a visit to the doctor’s office to ensure that all is well. Bleeding in early pregnancy is not something any woman wants to go through, but many do without any big problems.

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