Who Should We Let Discipline Our Children?

Kids need to know who is in charge and who can discipline them. Most often the parents should be the only disciplinarians as long as they are the ones raising the child. However, if someone else is raising the child then they should be the ones to dole out the discipline. The reason why is that kids dont respond well to a variety of people disciplining them. Of course, there are situations where discipline may be placed in the hands of others for a short period of time. For example, grandparents and aunts and uncles should not need to discipline your child. If the child acts up in their presence the family member should let you know immediately and then you can handle the situation. On the other hand, if a particular family member is caring for your child then discipline is a necessary role.

Teachers at school will need to take part in disciplining your child. This is just part of school and if the student is not paying attention or doing as he should then discipline is important. Teachers can accomplish a lot with students simply by threatening discipline so sharing discipline with teachers is a good idea.

Babysitters are another group of individuals who will spend an excessive amount of time with your child. Because of this baby sitters need to be able to discipline when necessary. As long as you instruct them on your methods of discipline and they follow through with that then you should have no problems with your kids accepting disciplinary actions from the babysitter. However, you might want to instruct the babysitter to take away immediate things like television, phone, and computer and then let the parents decide on the best punishment.

Of course, you dont want to hand over the keys to just anybody when it comes to disciplingin your child. That is because kdis react best to one major body of power ie their parents. When everyone in their life is playing that role it makes it difficult for the child to respect their parents as disciplinarians. When the parents are the major role modesl and the ones who dole out punishment and say when it si over the kids will react in a better way and respond to punishment in a better way as well.

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