When Will My Morning Sickness Go Away?

One of the most common, and often most frustrating parts of pregnancy can be morning sickness. Many women struggle through the early part of pregnancy just waiting to know when their morning sickness will go away.

Morning sickness typically begins sometime around the sixth week of pregnancy. Having said this, there are women who have experienced morning sickness much earlier than the sixth week of pregnancy. For those women who experience morning sickness earlier in their pregnancy, it can seem like forever while they wait for their morning sickness to go away.

The good news is that, most of the time, morning sickness will go away by the start of the second trimester of pregnancy. In fact, it is rather rare for morning sickness to wait to go away until after 14 weeks of pregnancy. For most women, morning sickness will go away sometime around the 12th week of pregnancy, or around the end of the first trimester of pregnancy.

The reason behind the timing of morning sickness may have to do with what causes morning sickness. While experts aren’t entirely in agreement about what exactly it is that can cause morning sickness, many experts believe that changing levels of hormones during pregnancy can cause morning sickness. This seems to be consistent with when morning sickness starts, as well as when it goes away. Pregnancy hormones really start to increase by the sixth week of pregnancy, when morning sickness often starts. Hormone levels steadily increase over the next few weeks, until they tend to level off towards the end of the first trimester.

If your morning sickness does not go away by the end of your first trimester, or if your morning sickness is accompanied by severe vomiting, you should contact your health care provider to see if there is a problem or some sort.

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