When Will My Baby Be Able To Sit Up On Her Own?

The first years of your child’s life are full of growing and learning. One of the most exciting milestones in your baby’s life is when she finally learns to sit up. Because every baby is different, there is no way to know for sure when exactly your baby will be able to sit up on her own. However, you can watch her development and learn to recognize the signs that she is about to learn to sit up.

Sometime between the ages of four and seven months, your child will first learn to roll over. During this time she might also begin to move her legs and rock on her stomach. She will probably begin to roll over in both directions, although some babies favor rolling to one side or another. These movements are part of her preparation to sit up and also to crawl.

The improved strength of the neck and trunk that occurs during this time will help your baby learn to keep from falling over when you sit them in an upright sitting position. Eventually, she will begin learning to stretch out her arms and lean forward, moving from a sitting position to a lying down position.

You may be able to help your baby learn to sit up on her own. Once she’s developed that neck and trunk strength, you can slowly lift her from a lying down position into a sitting position and back. Don’t force her to go from one to the other however; when she is ready to learn, she will be cooperative. You can also help your baby to practice sitting by just supporting her back with your hands, or by putting a pillow behind her back.

Also during this time period your baby will develop other motor skills. She will likely begin to reach out to grab items that she wants to have. She may begin to pass items from one hand to another. She will be developing more and more leg strength that she will soon use for crawling. By around the end of the period at seven months or so, she will probably enjoy standing, with a little help from you.

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