When to Expect Your Period after a Miscarriage

After a miscarriage you may be devastated, but it is not uncommon to begin to wonder right away when you will get your period again so you can begin trying to conceive all over again. Miscarriages are devastating, but the way that many of us cope is to start planning again for the future, otherwise we could get lost in our grief. Your doctor has likely told you that you need to wait until you have had a normal period and then you can begin trying to conceive again. So, when will you get your period?

Every woman is different, but generally you can expect to get your period in four to six weeks. Some women get their period just a couple weeks later, while some women do not get their period for three or more months. Your specific situation will be different than any other womans. So, when do I start counting from now until four weeks, you might ask? You should expect to get your period about four weeks after a D&C and you might expect to see your period around six weeks after a miscarriage that did not require a D&C. Remember that what is normal really varies widely, but if something doesnt feel right or it has been more than 12 weeks you might want to put a call into your doctor to be sure that all is well.

Also, you need to remember that if you are having unprotected sex, you can become pregnant again soon after having a miscarriage. It is generally thought that you are not fertile for four to six weeks after a miscarriage, but many women have conceived as little as two weeks after a miscarriage. If it has been a few weeks since your miscarriage and you havent see your period and you have symptoms of pregnancy, it wouldnt be out of the question to buy a home pregnancy test to be sure that you are not pregnant, stranger things have happened!

Ideally is it a good idea to wait at least one cycle before you begin trying to conceive again after a miscarriage. If for some reason you do conceive earlier it generally isnt an issue. Its also important to remember that your previous miscarriage usually isnt an indication that you will not be able to carry another pregnancy to term. The best thing to do is to take time to grieve your miscarriage and only move on to trying to conceive again when you are emotionally ready so you are in the best emotional place possible to get pregnant. A miscarriage can be hard, but soon you will have a normal period and you will be ready to try again!

  • bethany munson

    i had my miscarriage on jan 22 2013…its now feb 20th and still no period or any symptoms just wondering if i should be getting worried since its been almost a month now

  • Kari

    bethany, I miscarried on Jan 20 2013 and now its Feb 22 and I haven’t started my period either. From what I’ve read it can take anywhere from 4-7 weeks to get your period after a miscarriage and some women even take a few months before their period returns.

  • denise

    hi girls I miscarried on17/1/ 2013 and its now 24/03/2013 its quite normal for it to take up to 7 weeks if its longer than 12 make an appointment to see your gp

  • JAZZ

    Hello ladies I miscarried on my daddys bday 3/4/13 and it is now 6/12/13 and still no normal period and my MD wants me to have two normal cycles before I can start trying again, but I have been trying for almost 5yrs now and I was super impatient at first but through consistent prayer and meditation I am finally at peace with it and just staying faithful for the best, but like denise said anything 12wks or more you should see your MD/GYN…MANY blessings to all

  • kido80

    Hi I had a miscarriage on March 29th had a normal period April 26 and had no period in may but got it in June 25th is that normal. Made an apt with my doctor just want to hear any feed back if this has happen to any one before.

  • Makeisha Orr

    I miscarriage in feb 11,2014 wen i went for a 12week ultrasound to find out my baby passed at 8weeks. I had my D&C feb 20,2014. Its now march 26,2014 wen will i get my period. And i take bout 4 pregnancy test 2 was positive and 2 was negative. Iam goin march 27 to the doctors and to see if i can get birth controls. But is this normally

  • Andrea Ramsay

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  • abacusman

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  • aserna06

    I ha a miscarriage around Thanksgiving of 2014… I still haven’t had a period and I took a home pregnancy test last night and it came out positive… I don’t want to get my hopes up and not be pregnant. Please any advice!!!

  • http://www.babyhopes.com/ Vickie B.

    Did you have unprotected sex during that month? If so, you could be pregnant. The pregnancy hormone (hcg) should be out of your system now. You might want to get the doctor to do a blood test to find out what level of hcg you have in your system.

  • stacie

    I had a miscarriage about the same time as you and I am belong getting a faint positive. Test again tomorrow and see if it’s getting darker. If it’s still there, call your doctor and make an appointment for them to check your levels. Good luck to you! 😉

  • holly

    Did u know youbeere ovulating, are you pregnant? Good luck if so.

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