When Does The Second Trimester Begin?

When you are trying to figure out when exactly the second trimester begins, it is important to remember that the trimesters of pregnancy aren’t necessarily the way that nature divides up pregnancy. The trimesters of pregnancy are simply a way that we use to talk about pregnancy, and to make generalizations about what is happening in pregnancy. We could, if we wanted to, talk about the quarters of pregnancy, or even the halves of pregnancy. We could divide pregnancy up into months, or even up into 180 different, individualized days! All of these sorts of divisions are completely arbitrary, and your body and your baby have no way to know that, when you go to sleep one night you’re in your first trimester, and when you wake the next morning you’re in your second trimester.

Still, the trimesters of pregnancy can be a very useful “shorthand” of sorts that we can use to talk about the symptoms and the progress of pregnancy. The first trimester starts with conception, and concludes roughly 13 or 14 weeks later. The second trimester begins when the first trimester of pregnancy ends. The second trimester of pregnancy begins at around 14 weeks of pregnancy. The second trimester will last for another 13 or 14 weeks, at which point the third trimester will begin. So, the second trimester encompasses the middle part of your pregnancy, and will lst from around the third month to around the sixth month of pregnancy.

During the second trimester, you will generally begin to feel the best that you will feel through your entire pregnancy. Your morning sickness is probably gone, as is the fatigue and lack of energy that characterized your first trimester of pregnancy. Yet, your baby has not grown so big as to be making you constantly uncomfortable, or hampering your movement, or causing you sleep problems. The second trimester is often thought of as the golden time of pregnancy, and is probably the part about pregnancy that you will enjoy the most.

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