When does morning sickness start in the first trimester

Morning sickness can start very early in the first trimester. Having said that, it is also not entirely unheard of for morning sickness to start much later on in the first trimester, even as late as ten weeks or so. Still, on the average, morning sickness will start somewhere around six weeks of pregnancy, or not quite at the midpoint of the first trimester of pregnancy.

Somewhere around 70% of women will experience morning sickness at some point during the first trimester of pregnancy. This makes morning sickness one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. While we do not know for certain what exactly it is that can cause morning sickness, there are some theories. It may have to do with hormonal changes that cause an increased amount of stomach acid. It may have something to do with the increased sense of smell that many women may experience, as well.

Some things may make you more susceptible to morning sickness in the first trimester. If you have had nausea as a side effect of birth control pills, you are likely to experience morning sickness. If you had morning sickness in a previous pregnancy, you are also more likely to experience morning sickness. You are more likely to have morning sickness if you have a history of motion sickness, as well.

Dietary changes are often one of the more effective ways to combat morning sickness. Some pregnant women have been able to get relief from their morning sickness in the first trimester by taking ginger, whether it is in the form of ginger nutritional supplements, or whether it is by making tea from ginger leaves.

The good news is that, whenever morning sickness starts in the first trimester, you can rest assured that your morning sickness is almost guaranteed to end by right around the end of the first trimester, sometime around the 14th week of pregnancy. This is the time that your hormone levels are stabilizing, which lends some credence to the theory that morning sickness is caused by hormonal changes.

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