When Do Infants Start To See? Newborns dont

When Do Infants Start To See?

Newborns dont come into this world seeing like adults do. Instead, it takes time for the babys eyes to develop to the point that he can actually recognize his mothers face. It takes up to two or three years for an infants eyes to be fully developed. So, the question of when do infants start to see is easily answered. They can see light and big, bright objects, but other than that everything is pretty blurry. As the days pass, however, infants begin to see better. By three months most babies can focus for a brief period of time and even change their point of focus.

Your baby will be able to track motion after several months and as he continues to grow his eyesight will continue improving. If you feel like your babys eyes are crossed or not focusing well right away thats probably because they are and its nothing to worry about. If that doesnt change over a period of several months then it might be worth mentioning to your doctor. However, it is completely normal for newborns to have crossed eyes in the first few weeks.

The best way to help your infant develop his eyes is to provide stimulation with big, bright objects, mommys face, light, and changing environments. Doing this will challenge your babys eyesight and help him develop. Keep in mind as well that long periods of sleep are incredibly important for developing eyes. Without stimulation and sleep your baby would be unable to properly develop his eyesight. Another good option is to constantly provide new locations, bright toys, and tummy time to help your infants eyesight. Make sure he gets plenty of face time with mommy and daddy as well

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