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When Do Babies Start To Recognize People & Places?

Determining when babies begin to recognize people and places has been a subject of much research over the years. Most of the research shows that babies begin to recognize their mothers face early in life, but recognition of other things takes significantly longer. Also, it depends on the person and place as to when the baby will recognize it. Parents are recognized within the first week of life and doctors believe the baby recognizes mom within the first days. However, grandparents, aunts, cousins, friends, and others will be recognized during the babys first year of life. Sometimes babies recognize these individuals within weeks if they spend a significant amount of time with the baby. For other babies who dont see these individuals on a regular basis it takes longer.

Places take longer for babies to recognize simply because their eyesight is not fully developed. Recognizing certain places requires stronger vision than recognizing a face that is close up. However, your baby will know when he is at home because of the smell and other elements. As your babys eyesight strengthens he will be able to recognize other places he visits on a regular basis. You can expect your baby to begin seeing better by three or four months and then each month his eyesight will be stronger and he will recognize more places.

If your baby does not begin recognizing people and places on this time frame then perhaps you should consider mentioning this to your pediatrician. It is possible your baby might need glasses or has some other problem with his vision. Dont wait too long to mention this to your pediatrician because some problems may be resolved if they are found sooner rather than later.

If you are a first time parent then you are probably anxious for your baby to recognize you and your favorite places to reassure you all is well. Keep in mind that it takes time and by the time your baby is a few months old rest assured your baby will know exactly who you are and show you so with a great big smile.

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