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When Cervical Mucus Becomes Hostile

One of the most important aspects of your body’s reproductive efforts is the cervical mucus. Good cervical mucus will help you to get pregnant. Sometimes, however, your cervical mucus can be what’s called “hostile” cervical mucus. This type of cervical mucus can get in the way of you becoming pregnant.

It’s important to understand a little bit about what cervical mucus is exactly, and what it does for your body when you’re trying to become pregnant. Cervical mucus is a secretion that your body makes throughout your cycle. It will vary in terms of its volume, its consistency and its color throughout the month. When you’re ovulating, there will be a lot of cervical mucus and it will be roughly the color and the consistency that an egg white is. That particular formulation of cervical mucus helps protect sperm from the acids in the vaginal environment, move the sperm past the cervix and into the fallopian tubes and even filters out abnormal sperm.

Sometimes, however, you have hostile cervical mucus. Hostile cervical mucus doesn’t help the sperm travel through the reproductive system. Instead, it hinders sperm. It keeps the sperm from going past the cervix. This happens when the cervical mucus is too thick.

A herbal remedy for hostile cervical mucus is Evening Primrose Oil. A typical dosage is about 2000 mg per day, and it is usually taken daily from the start of your cycle until after you ovulate. It helps to thin your cervical mucus, and encourages the production of egg white cervical mucus (the good kind).

Another common remedy for hostile cervical mucus is Robitussin. The active anti-cough ingredient in Robitussin helps to thin your cervical mucus, as well. If you choose to use Robitussin, make sure to buy the kind with only guaifenesin as the active ingredient. Some types of Robitussin have other ingredients, such as Tylenol or Sudafed, and you don’t need to have those in order to fight hostile cervical mucus.

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