When Can Discipline Turn Into Abuse?

Disciplining your children is just part of being a parent. Its not a fun part, but it is an essential part to teach your child what is right and wrong and what types of behavior are considered acceptable. However, some parents can discipline to the point that it becomes abuse. If you know the warning signs of how a parents attempt at discipline can turn into abuse then avoiding this situation is much easier. The following examples are just some of the ways discipline may become abusive.

Parent Cant Control Anger
Some parents become so angry when their child misbehaves that instead of taking a moment to calm themselves down they overreact and let their anger take them too far. This has happened to many parents in the past and will likely happen in the future. When you find out your child has misbehaved and you feel your anger rising then make yourself cool down before you discipline your child. If not you could take it too far and abuse your child. You dont want to do this so get control of yourself first and then you will be able to properly discipline your child.

Physical Discipline
The easiest way for discipline to turn into abuse is through physical discipline. In fact, many parents choose not to physically discipline their children so they never worry about this happening. But, if your child has just done something horrible and you pull off your belt to begin disciplining them you may hit too hard or too long and physically abuse your child. Dont let your anger control you in this manner. Instead, calm down before using any form of physical discipline. Or, simply consider using a different form of discipline altogether that wont allow you to go too far.

Abuse comes in many forms and you can verbally abuse your child just as easily as you can physically abuse him. So, when you are disciplining your child use your words. Be straightforward and let your child know his offense, that it is unacceptable, and that he will be punished. Do not insult your child or call him names. Simply be up front and straightforward. That way you wont be concerned about verbal abuse and your wont negatively impact your child either.

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