What Will My Pregnancy Signs Be If I Am On Birth Control Pills?

Birth control pills are one of the most effective methods of preventing pregnancy. Assuming that you take all of your birth control pills in the exact manner as they are prescribed, there is only a 1 in 1000 chance that you would become pregnant. This works out to a 0.1% chance of pregnancy. However, if you miss one or more of your birth control pills during the month, or if you take one late, you are more likely to become pregnant; your chances of becoming pregnant if you don’t follow the directions exactly rise to around 5%, or 1 in 20. Because of this, some women do indeed become pregnant while they are on birth control pills.

The signs of becoming pregnant are generally the same, regardless of whether you became pregnant while on birth control pills or not. The first and most obvious sign of pregnancy is often the missed period; however, many women who are on birth control pills either don’t have regular periods, or have periods that are so light that they could be mistaken for implantation bleeding or spotting in early pregnancy. So, a missed period is not the best sign to rely on to know if you are pregnant while on birth control pills.

Other signs of pregnancy can be more telling. Breast tenderness, for example, is one of the very earliest signs of pregnancy. Increased hormones cause breasts to be sensitive and sore, and often to swell. If you are on birth control pills and your breasts suddenly become sensitive and sore, you may be pregnant.

Frequent urination can also indicate pregnancy. The old saying goes that the most dangerous place in the world is between a pregnant woman and a bathroom. While this is especially true later in pregnancy when your baby is pushing on your internal organs, many women experience a more frequent need to urinate throughout their pregnancy.

Nausea caused by pregnancy, sometimes called “morning sickness,” is a fairly common symptom of pregnancy. Around 70% of all new moms-to-be will experience morning sickness. Morning sickness can occur at any time of the day, not just during the morning. This nausea may be constant, as it is for some women; or, it may just occur occasionally. The degree to which you feel sick can also vary; you might just feel a little woozy, or you might experience full fledged vomiting.

The most effective way that you can determine whether you are pregnant is, of course, with a pregnancy test. For most women, it may be possible to determine whether you are pregnant as early as 7-10 days after conception using a home pregnancy test. However, the time required depends greatly on the type of pregnancy test being used, as well as your own individual physiology.

Many women who do not wish to become pregnant may use a combination of birth control methods. Because the birth control pill offers no protection whatsoever from STDs, many women choose to use some sort of barrier method, such as the male or female condom, the sponge, or the diaphragm along with their birth control pills. Put together, multiple methods of birth control make pregnancy much less likely.

  • arora

    If a woman is getting their menstrions while on birth control but suddenly getting neausea for over a week could this still be a sign of pregnancy?

  • lala

    She’s probably just got a stomach bug. Maybe go to the doctor and check it out.

  • lil_eve1987

    If you are bleeding and not clotting then you maybe pregnant my mom had a period for 5-6 month miscatried my fraternal twin but was pregnant with me still so yes a period dont mean anything for some pregnant woman if worried go get it checked out if different signs persist good luck

  • Kimberly Glenn

    Hi okay I had my period two weeks ago I started my new pack of birth control last week and I have been extra hungry um tired and also I wiped Monday night their was light blood and then last night their was light blood. I also have been cramping my sides and lower back are hurting me. I want to tske a test but should I still take my birth control today or no.

  • http://www.babyhopes.com/ Vickie B.

    It could be that your body is just trying to adapt to the birth control you are on. If you have a normal 28 day cycle, you wouldn’t have even been ovulating until when you originally posted this question, so the chances of pregnancy would have been pretty small.

  • Bella

    Can you get pregnant if you stop taking the pill a week into your second consecutive pack, and have unprotected sex a few days after you stop? I was on holiday so continued taking pill into my second pack, then stopped taking it (before a long flight, I wanted to have my period as soon as I got home) I presume I was covered because it would be just the same as having the sugar pills as I had taken a whole pack already?
    Just curious because my period was very light, then a week later I had brown spotting which is unusual for me.

  • http://www.babyhopes.com/ Vickie B.

    Unfortunately, can’t help you out there. You may need to contact your doctor and explain the situation.

  • Lindsey

    I have been on Birthcontrol for 3 months and I have only ever taken 2 pills late (within the 1st month) and I never have had a regular period. I spotted for the entire second month of my Birthcontrol which is when I had sex. I’m worried because we normally used a condom and we didn’t this time. Although he didn’t cum in me I’m still worried about the pre-cum theory. I have been have occasionally cramping in the hip area and my stomach has been uneasy for the last serval days (I’m not sure what from, it possibly could be from the idea of being pregant makes me sick.) I’m just worried because I don’t know when my period is to come so I won’t know if I miss it or if it is late. Do these sound like signs that I could be pregant?

  • http://www.babyhopes.com/ Vickie B.

    It isn’t likely that you are pregnant. The symptoms you are having could be side effects from the birth control you are on. If you are concerned about being pregnant, you can take a test about 18 days from the last time you had unprotected sex. By that time you should be able to get a positive test if you are pregnant (which is unlikely).

  • missk

    Started birth control was on it for a month. Forgot several pills. Stopped had my cycle was my normal kind of cycle. Began new pack and a week later I noticed my boobs hurt really bad so I examined and I have what looks like colostrum coming out of both breast. They hurt like they did when I was pregnant with my first child. I took a home ept test the next day it was negative. My mom said atop taking the pill because it could hurt the baby if I’m pregnant. So I stopped taking the pill. 4 days later I started my period it was pink looking by nightfall it was extremely red. The next day I started passing nickel sized clots. Today I have passed small clots it doesn’t look like tissue just looks like blood to me. Also the bleeding has almost stopped. Maybe by tomorrow it will be gone. Freaking out cuz I keep thinking it was a miscarriage. .. or maybe I’m pregnant. … or maybe the pill had some crazy side effects….. any tips?

  • Madison

    I am on the three month birth control, where I only get my period once every three months. I had unprotected sex about 4 weeks ago. I took a pregnancy test last week and it was negative, but I still have several symptoms of pregnancy, such as; tender swollen breast, constant headaches, frequently urinating, fatigue, mood swings. I still have yet to have any bleeding or spotting though. I don’t know if I’ve missed my period because I still have two months left of my birth control pack. Should I buy another home pregnancy test?

  • tyana

    I missed a few days taking my pill I had a period in the beginning of May and at the end of May but did not have one if June at all I have been having soreness of my breast and feeling sick to my stomach I have taken a test but it says negative I have still been taking my pills can taking my pills affect the results of the test and should I be worried that I may be pregnant

  • Ali

    Hi my last period was on 7th of June….I was on pop from then….I din miss d pills even for a day….but din get periods till now…I get constant headaches ….could this indicate a sign of pregnancy

  • jess

    i am on my second month of birth control and i had unprotected sex last week on sunday and i just took the pill that is whe i usually start my period. i have been having cranps like im about to start but still havent , should i be worried that im pregnant or what should i do?

  • jess

    and i never missed a day of my pill , but i did take one or two a little late.

  • http://www.babyhopes.com/ Vickie B.

    It really depends. If you have been on birth control for a while, and typically get your period every month, there would be a reason to be concerned. If you just started taking the b/c the symptoms could be a reaction to the birth control. If you are concerned, go and talk to your doctor.

  • http://www.babyhopes.com/ Vickie B.

    I don’t know what pop is. If you are having issues, you should go and talk to your doctor as they would be best to help you find out the cause of the headaches or if you are pregnant.

  • http://www.babyhopes.com/ Vickie B.

    If your period is a little late, you could always take a pregnancy test to see what that says. It could also be that the birth control you are taking might stop periods from coming. Do a little research to see if this is something that can happen with the brand you are taking.

  • Nicole Correa

    Hi please respond if you can it would really calm me down. I have never missed a day of my birth control pill I’m taking minastrin. My only concern it that I don’t take it at the exact time everyday like I should. I’m scheduled to take it at 11.30 everyday. But sometimes I take it at 12.30 or 12.05 or 11.50. The latest I’ve ever taken it has been at 12.40 but that’s the latest. I’m scared I might be pregnant because I had unprotected sex about 3-4 days ago after my period.

  • Kristin

    Hello. I have been on Junel 1.5/30 for nearly a year until my doctor took me down to Junel 1/20. which is a lower dosage. I was having problems with acne. I just completed my first month of the 1/20, and I skipped my period last week during my brown pills. I don’t actually take the brown pills because I don’t see the point. My periods are never bad on Junel, which is why I wanted to continue to take it. But I have never skipped a period while on the medication. My period comes like clockwork…two days after my first brown pill every month and usually only lasts 3-4 days. I also don’t have period symptoms.
    Having said all that…I knew something was off last week. We had just come back from the beach (where yes, we had sex, and he climaxed inside me…more than once, but I was on the pill at the time), and I got sick to my stomach almost every day. I even missed work a couple of days it was so bad. I went to the doctor, who pegged it down to a “stomach bug”. My breasts haven’t been sore, but they feel…heavy. I already have one child so I know these feelings. I have been VERY tired. I was in my managers office going over accounts today. I was standing over her desk, and I literally almost dozed off…while standing up! I was so embarrassed, but thank goodness she didn’t see me. Also, since last week I have felt that “heavy” feeling deep down in my pelvis. I have been a bit emotional, and moody according to my fiance. Last week I dropped my phone in the toilet (I was able to save it), and I actually cried over it! And I have been feeling nauseated for no reason. I took a pregnancy test last Thursday, which was the day after I was supposed to start, and it was negative. I took one again yesterday…negative again. I know it may very well be too soon to tell, but I need to know if I’m pregnant or if my body is adjusting to the drop in hormones in my birth control. I didn’t think it would be that drastic of a change.
    Today is the first day of my new month of pills, and even though i read it was unlikely to cause birt defects…I still don’t want to risk it IF there is a baby in there. How long should I wait to take another test? I took the ones that text for the Hcg hormone last week, and I want to take another, but they keep coming up negative…so I’m trying to wait. Am I being paranoid? I just really don’t want to hurt a potential baby IF there is one if I have a beer or something. LOL. Please help.

  • Brigette LeBlanc

    Hi I had sex a few weeks ago and I don’t take my birth control at the exact time as I usually should because I get home late and I have missed a few nights but this month I can honestly say I’ve been a little careless and I had sex 2 weeks ago and my partner climaxed in me… I just finished my last pill pack but my period takes 3 days to come when should I take a pregnancy test and what brand of home pregnancy test work best… Please help…

  • Amy Mahlouji

    Your symptoms sound like all the symptoms that can accompany any birth control pill, especially if you changed to a new dose.

  • Sophia

    Being an hour off won’t effect you as much as taking a pill as late as 24 hrs or more. You are always protected from the first 7 active pills in your packet. Also when you are on the pill you do not ovulate so becoming pregnant is not plausible.

  • Sophia

    If you never missed a day you are not pregnant. Your period may not always start during the first placebo pill you take, but it will come. It is also normal to miss a period since your body is still adjusting to the pills cycle. Cramps usually mean period.

  • Sophia

    Missing a few days of pills will cause changes in your cycle. Pills cannot effect the results of your test. If you are pregnant, your body will have a high amount of hcg, the hormone picked up by pregnancy tests, birth controls do not effect your hcg levels.

  • Sophia

    If you’ve had unprotected sex during the beginning of the first week of your one month pack you may be pregnant. You need 7 active pills in you to be protected for sure. It usually takes 3 weeks for pregnancy test to pick up on hcg, you may need to test again for your hcg may have been low. If you are not pregnant chances are you have not ovulated and are now safe with the bc pills. Pills cause pregnant like symptoms. Test again at the end of the second month, regardless of getting your period by the 3rd month. Pills do not effect the hcg levels in your body. Visit a doctor as well.

  • sophia

    Pills will not harm your baby! Only if you are postive should you stop your pills. Stopping your pills, because you are unsure, will increase your chances of getting pregnant, so wait until you are postive.

  • Sophia

    If there are pills that are different colored than from the rest of the pack, they are follic acid pills, or placebo pills, and it is during that time you should be getting your period. If you have been spotting for a long time, the bc pill you are taking may not be for you. Talk with your gynecologist about switching pills. Taking 2 pills late is okay, as long as you did not miss any. The first 7 pills always protects you.

  • sophia

    If you miss the first 7 pills in your second pack you may be pregnant as the first 7 pills in every pack is the most crucial to take. If you skipped the sugar pills this should cause you to miss your period, but you should not wait a week to start your second pack of pills as this will cause you to ovulate again. Always start your next pack as soon as you finish your last pack, or skip the sugar pills. It was a little hard to decipher what week of pills you missed, but I hope this helps in the future.

  • rowena

    Hi I don’t know what’s going on with me. I was suppose to have my period on 08/11 or 08/12 the latest while on the inactive pills (4th week), I accidentally forgot to take my pill on Sat 08/09/15 and I had sex during that weekend and my partner did not pull out. I called the advise nurse and was told to take a pregnancy test in which i did, but it came out negative. I am on the new week 08/16 of stating my new pack and i again had sex with my partner and he did not pull out. I am still waiting for my period to come, but it has never arrived. i called the advise nurse again and was told to take another pregnancy test at the end of this week because it maybe too early too tell, I am on Levora and been on it for over 2 years. Is it possible to be pregnant? Please help

  • Jeanette

    Hi PLEASE HELP! I have been on bc for about 8 months now, some days I’ll take it later then I’m suppose to and I sometimes forget to take my pill . The most I have forgotten is two days. I have been experiencing symptoms, such as mood swings, sore n swollen boobs, constipation, stomach pains, bloating, fatigue, back pains, dizzy, nausea and about to days ago I woke up at 330,430 and 530 throwing up. I was able to stop throwing up but I still feel very nausea everyday and now it’s affecting my sleep . I have gotten my period every month , but lately I been getting it on my 3rd week of the pill and lasting me 2 weeks , it’s really light in color n I still get cramps n bloating, Is that normal while on the pill.. I’ve take a home pregnancy test n it came out negative but my symptoms won’t go away so should I seek medical help ?? Please and thanks for the help

  • kaleigh

    My doctor started me on bc to try and regulate my periods, as i am trying to get pregnant. I am on my third pack and i had some normal side effects the first month tender breast, a little mood swings and a little acne, i had my period a few days into the inactive pills and started my second pack on time. I missed a few pills throughout the month and always doubled up when i remembered. Didnt have any side effects the second month and had a lighter and shorter than normal period which i attributed to my body getting adjusted into the hormones. Now im about 2 weeks into my third pack and im experiencing extremely sore heavy feeling breast, im extremely tired no matter how much i sleep and I’ve been rather moody. I dont know if i could be pregnant or if this is normal since I’m just on my third month of bc.

  • kaleigh

    I should mention I’ve had unprotected sex multiple times a week through all the packs

  • disqus_vK9hDLPhQF

    I recently missed a pill and had unprotected sex that night. When I realised I had missed it the next morning I took it straight away. I usually take my pill (cerazete) at 5:30pm but I took the missed pill at around 10:30 the next morning. A week on and I have been feeling quite rough I’ve been getting headaches and feeling sick but not actually being sick. Also I went to the toilet today and there was a little amount of blood when I wiped (sorry for t.m.i) I’m worried I could be pregnant and just wanted a little bit of reassurance and guidance. Thank in advance

  • Kat

    hello so ive been on bc for 3 months now this last month when on the blue pills to get my period it didn’t come till the 4th day n was brown with alittle pink and lasted a day I also have been having a lot of preg symptoms (I took a preg test but neg) but was hoping it was just the pill so I stopped the pill hoping to get my period n see if I bleed cause ive been feeling bloated like almost a week after stopping the pill finally I seemed to get my period light n only lasting 2 n a half days

  • harper

    Hi.. i started taking daphne pills not on time last sept. 8 until 24. My bofriend and I had unprotected sex last sept 25 . Since i was so worried of getting pregnant again i took the 10 remaining pill..10 pills in 12 hours on night of 25. My last period was sept 3 and I’m expecting it supposedly on oct 1 which it didn’t came.i had blood pregnancy test last oct. 3 and the result is negative. Until now my period didn’t came I’m so worried. Please help. Is there a chance of me getting pregnant or should i take another test.

  • alex

    I’m on the pill and had unprotected sex a few days ago. knowing it wasn’t the best idea. he “pulled out” but I know that rarely works. I’ve been feeling nausea but I know it could be anything. I could just be sick right?

  • Pebbles

    Hi, Can someone please help or advise. I have been on the Cilest pill now for over 13 years! I take my pill religiously within the same time slot (6-8) each evening, I am today on my list pill before my 7 day break & I am normally due to have my period around the following Monday, however, this morning when I went to the toilet first thing there was a spot of pink blood when I wiped (sorry for the t.m.i) which I have never really experienced & then nothing, but a couple of hours later when I went toilet again there was a spot of light brown blood when I wiped, then nothing again since :S. I have been going to the toilet more than normal the last week or so but apart from that I feel normal. I have taken all my pills correctly so I’m just wondering Is there any possibility I could be pregnant? and is it too early to test? any help would be great, thank you!

  • kristina

    Hi I was on junel birth control pills for two months. Then I stopped before the third pack I never had my period on the BC pills. Even now I still haven’t had my period. What’s going on

  • Sydney Richards

    Hi I had taken my birth control pills for probably 9 months maybe a little more. I was taking them because my period is extremely irregular, but on the pill I got it every month. I stopped taking them a month or two ago and haven’t gotten my period since. Is this normal for my body to go back to its irregularity after I stopped the pill or could I be pregnant?

  • NellyGirl

    Ok, so I have been on the pill for 7 months my son will be 8 months and now randomly my breasts are incredibly enlarged and I pee constantly and been exhausted and headaches. Not sure if the exhaustion is because I have a young baby or pregnancy and same with the headaches. A little nervous to take a pregnancy test only because I will be getting married in 9 months! Other then that I would be more then happy to have another the age kind of freaks me out a bit but I know I can do it. And I have had a light period the whole time and sometimes I have spotting in the middle of my pack (every few months) any comments?

  • NellyGirl

    I have always been told when stopping the pill your period is very messed up afterwards. You may have gone back to irregular but I would just take a test just to be on the safe side :) Good luck :)

  • Tiffany

    i missed my birth control Pills October 22/23 Both days then had unprotected sex October 24 but he pulled out and i took my birth control pills that night then Two days later i started bleeding light . Could i be pregnant ? & Been on the pills for 6 months now plus i’m still bleeding light and it’s Oct/30

  • CDAB+1

    Hi. I have not taken birth control pills since before our first son was born. He is now 12, followed by his sisters 8, & 5 & brother 3. All of our children were planned using natural family planning. My husband and I finally decided our family was complete so I went on the pill in August. I am very adamant about taking my pill at the same time every night so was a little surprised that my period didn’t show during my placebo week. I wasn’t too concerned because the pills (Gildess FE) said that there’s a good chance that it will lessen or diminish all together periods, I took a test today–just because I didn’t want to start a new pack of pills with missing a period & what a shock that it was positive!!
    Any ideas on why after 3 years trusting my own body that after 3 months on the pill I would get pregnant?

  • Rach

    i have been on the pill for awhile, but recently was off it for about a week before starting back up… is it possible to get pregnant in that time period ?

  • RamFam7

    Wow, I’m shocked, I guess you’re just super fertile and no amount of artificial hormone is going to keep you from ovulating. After 5 kids, we/I decided it was time for the pill. I was on Gildess FE 1/20 for 5 months but had breakthrough spotting, long periods, so my doc switched me to Gildess 1.5/30. Since I had just started a new pack of the 1/20, my doc just told me to start the 1.5/30 when I finished that pack. The funny thing is that I barely got a period on that last pack of the 1/20 (3 days of spotting) and since I’ve been of this new pack I’ve been super emotional, have had some nausea, my reflux has been really bad and I’ve been crampy off and on. I’ve got three pills left in this pack and the only thing keeping me from taking a test is that my boobs don’t feel pregnant and they ALWAYS have right from the start with all my pregnancies. All I can say is, I hate the pill!!! If I don’t get my period and I’m not pregnant, we’ve got to do something else because the pill is wreaking havoc on my body!!!

  • Shayla Soto-Wittenberg

    Hi, so I’ve been on and off the pill for years. I currently take orthro-tricyclen and have been for about 8-9 months. I’m on my first sugar pill today but about 4 days ago I had very mild cramping along with barely there pink spotting. Next time I went to the bathroom it stopped, two days ago it started again for a very small amount of time, just like the first day. At the very beginning of this pill pack I got the flu and pukedup my first two pills, I also missed one in the second week and I’m fairly sure I ovulated around the11th or so. I personally want to have a baby but my fiance isn’t ready yet, and we aren’t as financially stable as I’d like us to be. But anyways, I’m half hoping it was implantation bleeding and half hoping my hormones are just a lil out of whack. I usually start on the 3rd sugar pill day. Comments/questions appreciated, and I will post updates.

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