What Will My Pregnancy Signs Be If I Am On Birth Control Pills?

Birth control pills are one of the most effective methods of preventing pregnancy. Assuming that you take all of your birth control pills in the exact manner as they are prescribed, there is only a 1 in 1000 chance that you would become pregnant. This works out to a 0.1% chance of pregnancy. However, if you miss one or more of your birth control pills during the month, or if you take one late, you are more likely to become pregnant; your chances of becoming pregnant if you don’t follow the directions exactly rise to around 5%, or 1 in 20. Because of this, some women do indeed become pregnant while they are on birth control pills.

The signs of becoming pregnant are generally the same, regardless of whether you became pregnant while on birth control pills or not. The first and most obvious sign of pregnancy is often the missed period; however, many women who are on birth control pills either don’t have regular periods, or have periods that are so light that they could be mistaken for implantation bleeding or spotting in early pregnancy. So, a missed period is not the best sign to rely on to know if you are pregnant while on birth control pills.

Other signs of pregnancy can be more telling. Breast tenderness, for example, is one of the very earliest signs of pregnancy. Increased hormones cause breasts to be sensitive and sore, and often to swell. If you are on birth control pills and your breasts suddenly become sensitive and sore, you may be pregnant.

Frequent urination can also indicate pregnancy. The old saying goes that the most dangerous place in the world is between a pregnant woman and a bathroom. While this is especially true later in pregnancy when your baby is pushing on your internal organs, many women experience a more frequent need to urinate throughout their pregnancy.

Nausea caused by pregnancy, sometimes called “morning sickness,” is a fairly common symptom of pregnancy. Around 70% of all new moms-to-be will experience morning sickness. Morning sickness can occur at any time of the day, not just during the morning. This nausea may be constant, as it is for some women; or, it may just occur occasionally. The degree to which you feel sick can also vary; you might just feel a little woozy, or you might experience full fledged vomiting.

The most effective way that you can determine whether you are pregnant is, of course, with a pregnancy test. For most women, it may be possible to determine whether you are pregnant as early as 7-10 days after conception using a home pregnancy test. However, the time required depends greatly on the type of pregnancy test being used, as well as your own individual physiology.

Many women who do not wish to become pregnant may use a combination of birth control methods. Because the birth control pill offers no protection whatsoever from STDs, many women choose to use some sort of barrier method, such as the male or female condom, the sponge, or the diaphragm along with their birth control pills. Put together, multiple methods of birth control make pregnancy much less likely.

  • Jamie Rodriguez

    Hello can someone please help me , I have been on birth control since December and it is now January which would be my 3rd pack . The beginning of January I had spotting for a week then 3 days later I got my period . And week after my period I have had sore breast and hard they feel so full ! For about 1 week already . I’m not sure if I’m pregnant or if it can just be the birth control hormones . I’m not due for my period until febuary . I usually get sore breast 3 days b4 my period and this is 2 weeks b4 my next period

  • Lex

    So I have been on the pill for about a year now. And my periods have been regular. So I had kind of a period it wasn’t normal and MUCH lightee than normal, I didn’t even really need to use anything more than a underwear liner. And I’ve been really worried sense then that I might be pregnant. I have continued to take my b.c, I am planning on taking a pregnancy test tomorrow. And I’m worried that I will get an incorrect answer because the test reads off of the hCG in the urine , but the pill also contains hCG. What are the odds of me getting incorrect results because of that and is it to early to take a test considering I’ve already had an off period and I’ve continued to take the pill for a week after it was missed. Any information would be extremely helpful. Thanks guys!

  • Kaity

    I just recently lost my virginity while on birth control. It was day 2 of a new pack of microgestin. He didn’t wear a condom and he pulled out just in time but it still got on me and I’m even worried a little in me. This was about 3 days ago. My periods are irregular despite the pill and sometimes I go a month without bleeding. Yesterday, I started feeling pretty bloated. I don’t eat very well though, so it could be that, and I haven’t had my period since January(but that’s just the pills). I get bloated sometimes thoughout the day, and I have period like symptoms, just no bleeding. Could I be pregnant? Can worrying about it too much have any effects?

  • Cat17

    Okay so I had sex 3 to 4 days, he cummed in me twice, and I was on birth control, but I for got to take it 3-4 days ago!!!!!!! I haven’t had my period yet, and I dont think ill have it for another two weeks, can I get pregnant during the next two weeks?

  • Taylor W

    I am on birth control and my boyfriend and i have unprotected sex. Today I bled and I thought I started my period. The color was a light pinkish color and the amount became smaller. Then I quit bleeding. Can anyone tell me what’s going on?

  • Kblankenship

    Ok I’ve been taking Orsythia a combination pill for about 2 months and my dermatologist told me to take a acne medicine called minocycline and first off I’m sexually active but I don’t remember my dermatologist telling me anything about the mixture but my mom apparently said it does have a higher risk of pregnancy but I didn’t know that my first month and part of the second month but my first month of taking both I had sex probably 3 times twice with a condom and once without and he finished in me but I had my period normally on the blue pill week and the second month we had sex probably like 4 times too but he didn’t wear a condom and he finished in me twice and pulled out the rest of the times and when i figured out minocycline could do something to the pill i stopped taking it like three or four days before my period and when my period was supposed to start which was Tuesday I just barely bled I just had brown discharge I think it was spotting and the next day I bled a little more but it was so dark it was only red when I wiped then Thursday I bled the same amount as the day before and Friday I bled a lot in the morning and it was very very dark and dark red but it was very light through the day and Saturday it was somewhat the same In the morning it was less than from the day before and was light through the day and Sunday was light and Monday and Tuesday was very light I only had to use like one pad for each day and I’m used to having heavy and sometimes normal periods so this period freaked me out cause it was only like a total of six days too and I’ve been so stressed out about this and I just really need answers. Am I pregnant? Please help. I’m so scared! And sorry for such a long post I’m just freaking out

  • Deanna Van

    hi ok so ive been on lo loestrin for about two months now and I have been taking it at the same time every day ever since. Ive been fine on it and was only moody and had very sore breasts during the first times taking it. I had sex within past week without a condom, my boyfriend did pull out before ejaculation (yes i do know that the pull out method can still lead to pregnancy). Within the past two days I have been slightly gassy and have felt gas pressure at times during the day with no correlation. Are these signs of pregnancy or am I just being paranoid? I think I should get a test just incase

  • Sam

    Some side effects to birth control pills are similar to symptoms of pregnancy. So I ll explain my situation. I m on birth control and me and my fiancé have sex on the daily. I use birth control as a method of protection and also the pull out method but occasionally we don t use the pull out method. I ve been experiencing tenderness in my breasts and they re sore to the touch. Also I experienceweight gain headaches and I ve been nauseous. I ve had a thick white vaginal discharge but it only happened once. I m constipated but that s normal for me, but I am urinating more frequently. TMI but my my vagina has changed in smell. Also my period isn t due for 16 days and I m experiencing cramps and bleeding that isn t heavy but isn t spotting.

  • Neeice BaddChickk Lindsey

    Okay I’ve been on birth control for a 3 weeks. I started my very first pill the day of my period which was December 31st and ended up having a 9 day period. I just had a baby 4 months ago. I have been having dark brown spotting for 6 days now, just enough to have to change my pad every hour or so. Sometimes I notice that when I go to the bathroom and wipe there is nothing these or a very very light brown. I’ve had unprotected sex a couple days after I ended my 9 day period. Could I be pregnant….the doctor said if I started on my period and took the pills same time everyday I would be fine…..could she be wrong?? I don’t want to be pregnant not so soon.

  • Kels

    It takes a month for your body to catch up with the hormones in birth control. You should not have unprotected sex until you’ve been taking it for at least a month.

  • Kels

    Spotting is also extremely normal when you start taking a birth control pill. It’s all part of your body adjusting.

  • Hurt

    You’re pregnant

  • Brianna Brewer

    A month and a half ago I was on antibiotics and I didn’t use protection with my boyfriend 3 times I have occasionally been taking antibiotics every once and a while for the past month and a half and recently I’ve been forgetting to take my pill at the same time but my boyfriend has been pulling out during sex for like 3 weeks.I am concerned because I am having pregnancy symptoms I have been pregnant before so I know what the symptoms look like but I have also been bleeding less than a normal period but more than spotting.

  • Have you taken a pregnancy test? You are already aware that some antibiotics can make birth control pills less effective. Add that to the fact that you were not taking them consistently and were having unprotected sex, there is a chance you are pregnant.

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