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What Should Our Potty-Training Child Wear?

When it comes to potty training you may have already been through the process and are a pro, or perhaps it is your first time and you dont have any clue where to start. Regardless, you may be wondering what your potty training child should wear. You want the process to go as smoothly as possible and as quickly, but you also want to avoid accidents and cleaning everything in site. The following options are some of the more popular methods used by parents when potty training. More than likely you will find one or two, or a combination , of these works for you and your child.

Some parents choose to leave their child in diapers while potty training. They simply associate the action with the potty and remove their childs diaper when they need to go potty. Afterwards they replace the diaper. This is frequently a transition method as well because the toddler has been wearing a diaper and parents dont want to overwhelm the child by introducing too much at once. However, some children dont want to wear a diaper anymore once they start using a potty so keep this in mind. Yet, other toddlers want to use a diaper when they need to have a bowel movement and train to use the potty to pee.

Pull Ups
Pull Ups are a great option for your child during the potty training process. This is not the case for all children, but it is for most. Pull ups are protective like a diaper but pull on like big boy and girl underwear. So, your child can get the feel of actual underwear while still being protected. When your child has a dry pull up for several hours you know that potty training is going well. Plus, when the inevitable accidents do occur you wont be left with a mess.

Training Pants
Some toddlers need training pants in order to associate the urge to eliminate with the actual elimination, i.e. pee or poop. Cotton training pants wont keep your child super dry so as soon as an accident occurs your child will feel wet and uncomfortable. This wetness and uncomfortable feeling is often enough to motivate your child to use the potty when he needs to rather than be in this uncomfortable position.

Other parents find that bare bottoms are very efficient during potty training. Of course, this increases the risk factor of washing carpets, cleaning couches, and plenty of other things, too, but it also helps your child really associate his urge to pee with the action. When an accident occurs and your child is naked he/she will feel the pee running down their legs and pooling at their feet. Most children dislike this experience and it wont be long before they associate the feeling to pee with wetness and choose to use the potty instead of being wet!

What to Choose
What you choose is completely up to you and your child. And, you may try all of the above before finding the right answer. Just be patient and find the best option for your child.

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