What Should I Avoid While Going Through Fertility Treatments?

Going through fertility treatments can be a particularly trying time. In addition to the sheer financial expense involved, getting fertility treatments can create a roller coaster of emotions for both partners. The cycle of hope, expectancy, disappointment, and depression can be very difficult. Because of these things, it is important that you optimize your chances of success by avoiding certain things while going through fertility treatments.

When trying to conceive through fertility treatments, it is important to keep with a balanced diet. Being overweight or underweight can severely affect your chances of conceiving. In addition, maintaining good health habits now will help you to have a healthier pregnancy once you do conceive.

You should definitely avoid alcohol when going through fertility treatments. Alcohol negatively affects sperm in a man, both in terms of sperm count and in terms of sperm motility, and can also reduce a woman’s ability to conceive. If you do conceive while going through fertility treatments but are drinking alcohol, that alcohol consumption may affect your baby at a very critical stage of development.

Smoking also may negatively impact your ability to conceive while going through fertility treatments. Nicotine, one of the main ingredients in tobacco, will affect the way that your body produces the hormones that you need to become pregnant. In addition, smoking can interfere with the movement of the egg through the fallopian tubes and on to the womb. In addition, smoking during pregnancy if you do happen to become pregnant will affect your pregnancy negatively as well.

A variety of illicit drugs can also negatively impact your fertility, and these should be avoided while going through fertility treatments as well.

To optimize your chance for conception, you should also avoid having sexual intercourse during the time leading up to your ovulation. Having sex too often can reduce a man’s sperm count, and thereby making for less of a chance that you will be able to successfully conceive.

Depending on the type of fertility treatment you are undergoing, you should check with your health care provider to identify anything else that you should avoid during your treatments.

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