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What Reward System Can We Use When Potty-Training?

There are many reward systems out there that work well for potty training. Of course, you will want to take your child into consideration when thinking of the different reward systems out there because you want to use one your child will be responsive to.

Parental Praise
One of the best reward systems for potty training is parental praise. Many times parental praise on its own works wonders with potty trainings and other types of reward systems are not needed. However, if you do find that parental praise is not cutting it alone you might want to add a reward system. You must keep in mind, although, that even if another reward system is implemented it should never take the place of parental praise. Your child needs your support, love, and encouragement at all times and especially when potty training so keep this in mind. Try really encouraging your child to begin with and if you see this is not working alone then consider one of the following reward systems.

Stickers for Gifts
A great reward system for potty training that has been successful with many different potty training children is the stickers for gifts system. With this system you only need to buy a calendar, or make one, and some stickers to begin with. Make sure you hang the calendar in the bathroom or wherever your child uses the potty. You want to make sure that your potty training child will be able to see the calendar and his/her progress each time he/she goes potty.

After each successful visit to the potty you want to make sure you and your child put a new sticker on the calendar. You might consider giving two stickers at first if your child has a BM in the potty as this is sometimes the more difficult part of potty training. The sticker system you come up with will depend on your child. You might want to start off with a very easy prize like the first 3 stickers your child earns he receives a reward. This reward should be something that he really loves, but try and stay away from food. Perhaps a trip to the pet store, a playground, or picking out a new book will work for your child. Then, make the next set four or five stickers and so on and so forth. You cant get into giving your child a big reward for each potty event so be careful about starting out that way. Be sure to explain the reward system to your child as well. And always engage in parental praise after a successful trip to the potty. Your child needs to know he/she is making your proud!

Small Toys
Some parents find their children need immediate gratification after using the potty. For these parents having a container of small stuffed animals, little toys, mini books, and maybe even big girl or boy underwear on hand will work wonders. After your child goes to the potty he/she gets to choose a prize from the container. The only drawback to this is that sometimes your child will try and go potty more often than he/she needs to in order to get a prize. Make sure you talk to your child about this up front and having guidelines and rules ahead of time so everyone is on the same page.

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