What Is The Best Position To Sleep In While Pregnant?

Sleep is like gold when you’re a new Mom; you covet it, you yearn for it and you should take every opportunity to grab it! So while you’re pregnant, try to get as much as possible to ensure your own ongoing health and that of your growing baby.

Some sleep positions are better than others while pregnant. Medical professionals recommend that women sleep on their left side in order to allow maximum blood flow to the baby. This also improves the mother’s kidney functioning which aids in reducing swelling. Also, sleeping on your left side will avoid pressure on your liver, which is located on the right side of your body.

Naturally, sleeping on your tummy is not a good idea. For starters, at 8 to 9 months pregnant, you’re likely to look and feel like a crazy see-saw! Besides that comical point of view, it’s just not comfortable and it can put a lot of pressure on your baby.

As for sleeping on your back, this is also not a good idea because it applies pressure to the inferior vena cava, a major vein which sends blood from your lower body to your heart. Lightheadedness and numbness can result, and anyway, sleeping on your back when pregnant is rather uncomfortable when your baby’s size is more substantial because your back and intestines will be uncomfortable under the pressure.

Start getting used to sleeping on your side in the early stages of your pregnancy so that it almost becomes a habit, even in your sleep. There are body pillows you can buy that run the length of your body and you can cuddle into it like a grownups’ version of a teddy bear. Otherwise, any pillow will suffice and placing it between your legs is a sure way to obtain relief from discomfort.

It’s important to wear comfortable nightwear when you’re pregnant because nighties or pyjamas that bunch up, twist around you or are too restricting can cause you to wake up to adjust them. Throw fashion and fads out the window and get yourself some really comfy clothes for bed, even if it means a t-shirt and sweat pants. The more chances you can give yourself for a good night’s sleep, the more able you will be to function during the day and the better you will feel throughout your pregnancy.

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