What Does Circumcision Cost?

If you are considering having your child circumcised, you probably have many questions about the procedure and its impact on your newborn. In addition, you have probably wondered what the cost implications will be, if any, and may have even sought the advice of other friends and family members who have had experience with the procedure.

You will find that the cost estimates for newborn circumcisions vary greatly, with factors such as physicians, insurance companies, and geographic location all factoring into the equation. For the most part, the costs of a circumcision are covered by private insurance and Medicaid, with a small percentage funded by individuals. Most obstetricians will circumcise the newborn as part of the overall delivery service and care, but rough estimates for the procedure averages $165 out of pocket (within a range of $100 to $250.) However, these costs do not take into account hospital fees, supplies, and anesthesia- in the end, total costs can be upwards of $1750. It’s important to point out that if you should choose to have a circumcision later in life; the costs are going to be much higher (although this is much less common).

Recently the AAP declared circumcision an unnecessary procedure, therefore classifying it as cosmetic, which has prompted many insurance companies to deny coverage for newborn circumcisions. This ruling particularly had an effect on Medicaid coverage, with 16 states creating restrictions on Medicaid-covered circumcisions unless it is determined to be medically necessary. As more states follow this trend, it will become up to the individual parents to make the financial commitment to perform this procedure, which may lead to an overall decrease in circumcisions across the US.

However, when you weigh the cost of a circumcision procedure against the cost to treat medical conditions that may develop later in life as a result of not performing a circumcision, you not only break even, but might even come out ahead! Treatment for conditions such as Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), phimosis, balanoposthitis, penile cancer, prostate cancer and even HIV/AIDS, are extremely expensive/costly and require long term care, which cost significantly more money than performing a circumcision at the very beginning.

The best way to prepare for any costs involved in the circumcision of your newborn is to talk with your obstetrician beforehand. The doctor might even have you follow up with your private health insurance (if applicable). By doing both of these things, you are ensuring that you are given the most accurate estimate when it comes to the circumcision of your newborn.

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