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What Discipline Works Best For Toddlers?

Toddlers are beautiful little people however when they misbehave they can become little terrors! Parents find disciplining toddlers difficult at times and wonder what discipline works best for children of this age. The following suggestions will likely help you discipline your toddler and achieve the best results.

Dont React
One way of disciplining your toddler is to not discipline at all. Toddlers are learning what is right and wrong and are constantly testing their limits. They arent doing this to frustrate you or because they know what they are doing is wrong. Instead, they are trying to figure out how to behave and what behavior is acceptable and what is not. So, instead of disciplining your child for doing something he probably didnt know was wrong in the first place you might consider ignoring it all together. Toddlers are trying to get your attention so if you only give attention for good behavior the toddler will soon learn what actions receive attention and which ones dont. As hard as some behaviors are to ignore just give it a try. You will see that it wont take long for your toddler to quit the annoying behavior in search of one that will catch your attention.

Appropriate Activities
Another option is to direct your child to an appropriate activity when he is engaging in behavior you dont approve of. So, if your child is screaming and running through the house simply ignore this behavior while directing him to a quiet activity like coloring and praising him for sitting quietly and coloring. When you direct your child to an appropriate activity while praising him for it then your toddler will soon realize what actions receive your praise and be more willing to engage in those activities.

If you must discipline your toddler then a timeout is a great discipline option. Simply sit your child in a quiet place for a few minutes and ask them to think about what they did wrong. The few minutes of punishment will be enough to make the child realize he doesnt want to engage in poor behavior. It might take some time, but it works!

Give these suggestions a try if you are looking for a way to discipline your toddler. You just might find that changing the way you react to your toddlers behavior is more important than actually disciplining your toddler. Regardless your toddler will learn what behaviors you find acceptable and the ones you dont.

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