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What Discipline Methods Seem To Work Better For Teenagers?

As your children grow up you will find that some discipline methods are outgrown and you need to find others that work better. This is especially so as your child turns into a tween and then a teenager. Kids in this age range need more discipline and structure than younger children. It is also more difficult to discipline kids this age because they frequently rebel and can do a fairly good job of making your life miserable. However, there are some discipline methods that work especially well for teenagers. The following are just a couple discipline methods that other parents have found especially helpful with their teenagers.

Loss of Privileges
Teenagers are becoming more independent and as a result they really value all of their privileges. This includes cell phone, computer time, MP3 players, video games, time out with friends, weekend activities, driving, dating, and more. Teenagers sometimes believe they cant live without these privileges and losing them is like dying for a short period of time. It can be really traumatic and embarrassing for a teenager to lose these privileges. So, if your child misbehaves in any way a great discipline is simply taking away certain privileges. The important thing here is that once you take a privilege away you dont return it until the agreed upon time. So, if you have a teenager and are looking for ways to discipline then consider taking away privileges. Whatever your teenager loves the most and will miss the most is what should be taken away. That is the best way to teach a good lesson!

Some parents think a little old fashioned hard work is a great way to discipline and it really works, too. The last thing teenagers want to do is chores so when they misbehave tacking on some extra work is a good way to teach them that bad behavior entails additional chores. Most kids will find they enjoy their free time way too much to misbehave and have extra chores to do. Of course, they may need a little reminding every once and a while in the form of extra chores, but overall they will get the point.

The discipline method that works best for your child will depend on your childs personality. If your child really enjoys doing chores around the house then this wont be an effective disciplinary tool. So, evaluate your child and figure out a way to discipline him that will really get the point across.

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