What Disadvantages Will My Child Have From Being Homeschooled?

There are several concerns that can be raised in terms of homeschooling. Opponents of homeschooling raise many arguments against the practice of a child being homeschooled. In addition, even proponents of homeschooling note that homeschooling may not be for everyone. Below are some of the disadvantages that a child may have from being homeschooled.

One of the possible disadvantages of homeschooling is the missed opportunities that a child who is being homeschooled has to interact with her peers. While there is not guarantee that a child who is being homeschooled with be socially handicapped, children who attend a school tend to have more opportunity in terms of amount of actual time in which they can experience what it is to interact with people outside of the child’s own family. In addition, the homeschooled child is only exposed to a limited number of teachers, whereas the child in a regular school has to learn how to get along and learn from a variety of types of teachers.

Another possible disadvantage that the homeschooled child may have is that, in a school classroom, teachers are trained in specific areas of content. In addition to their teaching courses, they have to have had specific courses in college in an area of expertise. In particular, middle school and high school teachers, who are allowed for the most part to only teach classes in their area or area of expertise, possess a greater degree of comfort and familiarity with the material than the average parent will. Even if a parent has an advanced degree or advanced knowledge in a certain content area, it is still only one area. Many producers of homeschool materials try to offset this disadvantage with the materials that they publish, but they experience varying degrees of success.

Another disadvantage of homeschooling can be that parents have to balance their time that they spend homeschooling their child with their other tasks. Some parents, particularly if they have a hard time being organized or disciplined in terms of time management, may find that they spend a less-than-ideal amount of time actually working with their child.

Having said all of this, it is important to remember that homeschooling can be very advantageous for many families. With the right amount of time and effort, many of the disadvantages can be adequately addressed. In many cases, the advantages of homeschooling may outweigh the disadvantages. Before making rash judgments about homeschooling, it is worthwhile to consider both advantages and disadvantages.

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