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What Credentials Should I Look For in Daycare Teachers?

If you are reading this article then you are looking for a daycare for your child and are trying to figure out exactly what you should be looking for. One of the most important things to look for when comparing daycares is what type of credentials do the teachers have. When you consider this information you will be able to determine what daycare has the best teachers and is the overall best fit for your child. It does take some work and lots of questions, but if you know what you are looking for then you are halfway there.

Each state has specific requirements and licensing procedures for childcare workers and daycare teachers. Some allow individuals with a high school education and little to no experience the ability to work in a daycare center while other states have more stringent credential requirements. Some daycare teachers are required to have a bachelors degree or a minimum of an associates degree. Others must have continuing education in the childcare field and/or a CDA.

The CDA is a Child Development Associate credential. This is recognized by 46 different states. In order for an individual to be eligible for the CDA credential the applicant must have at least 480 hours of experience, 120 hours of training, and a high school diploma. There is a one year program for individuals to learn about child development in the case where they do not have the experience. Those applicants who meet certain standards will be approved for the CDA credential.

Optimally, if you are looking for a great daycare teacher you would want them to have a bachelors degree in early childhood education as well as a CDA credential in addition to CPR/First Aid certification. You would also like a teacher to be enrolled in continuing education classes in order to constantly be learning new things and become a better teacher.

Remember that there is a lot of turnover in the daycare field because of low pay and stressful environments. So, finding a daycare teacher that has wonderful credentials may be tough. That is because people who have excellent credentials usually find a job teaching in the public school system and have a salary as well as insurance. Regardless, at least you know what to look for. The more education and credentials a teacher has the better, but that doesnt necessarily mean the teacher is great at what she does. So, try and consider the whole package when trying to find a daycare for your child.

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