What Causes Problems In A Marriage?

There are a variety of things that can cause problems in a marriage. Some of the biggest types of problems can include:

– Infidelity. Sexual betrayal by one or more of the spouses can destroy a marriage. In some religions, infidelity is the only problem for which divorce is specifically proscribed.

– Other sexual problems. Problems with impotence, differences in sexual desire or sex drive, or concerns about fertility can often strain a marriage.

– Financial problems. It is not only poor couples that argue about money; middle-class and even the affluent tend to have their fair share of arguments about money. These can range from simple discussions about what the priorities of a budget out to be, to situations in which one spouse is hiding money or spending from another spouse, to problems with credit card spending or other debt.

– Children. While children are one of the most amazing and enjoyable things that can come out of a marriage, they can also cause problems in a marriage. Parents will often disagree about how children should be raised. They might argue about grades in school or school activities.

– Religious or other differences in belief. While things like religious or political beliefs are often swept under the rug during the period of courtship and early marriage, they can often creep up and cause problems later on in a marriage.

– Other stressors. Changing jobs, building a new house, or moving to another place can place a great deal of strain on a marriage.

– Boredom. It is axiomatic that familiarity breeds contempt. Often, the passionate kisses that occurred during the courtship and newlywed period devolve into occasional pecks on the cheek after a while. In addition, the distractions of everyday life, and the demands of raising a family or running a household can make a relationship feel more like a business transaction than a great romance.

By being aware of the things that can cause problems in a marriage, a couple may be better equipped to recognize when those problems occur and to deal with them effectively.

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