What Can I Do To Increase My Chances Of Getting Pregnant?

There is plenty you can do to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Understanding your body and the way it works, especially with regard to your reproductive system, is essential in learning how to optimise your possibilities of conception. Also, maintaining your health and fitness is very beneficial, as are avoiding things that will decrease your chances. Elementary, isn’t it?

Understand your body
If you don’t fully know about the processes involved in conception, such as ovulation and fertilization, do yourself a favor and do a little research. Not only will you find it fascinating to learn about the miracle of reproduction, you will better understand how you can give yourself the best possible starting point before you begin trying. Find out how to calculate your ovulation dates; keep track of your menstrual cycles; and tune in to your body’s rhythms.

Get a check-up
It’s a great idea to see your doctor and have a full medical so that you can be sure you’re in excellent health before trying to get pregnant. This way, your doctor can identify any risk factors such as obesity, diabetes or excessively low body weight and help you to overcome them in advance. He will test your blood pressure and may even order blood tests, just for the benefit of knowing what condition you’re in.

Quit unhealthy activities
Doctors say that female smokers who would like to have a baby, may take up to two months longer to conceive than non-smokers. Additionally, women face a 40% lower chance of conceiving if they smoke. Men who smoke have been found to have reduced sperm counts and abnormal structure of sperm, both of which affect fertility significantly. The use of recreational drugs such as ecstasy, cocaine, marijuana, or heroin should be avoided entirely, not just to improve the chances of fertility, but also to ensure that any baby conceived is not drastically affected by these drugs.

Take up healthy activities
You don’t need to start running laps around the local football field if you’re not a regular exerciser, but aiming to do some walking, dancing or swimming can help to improve your general health. Recognize the value of sleep and make a point of going to bed early. Make healthy lifestyle choices regarding activities and diet and make them a part of your every day life.

Avoid toxins
Reduce your exposure to solvents, heavy metals, chemicals, cleaning products and paints.

Take supplements
Add a folate and vitamin B6 supplement to your diet when trying to conceive and also for the first trimester.

Avoid stress
Life presents a plethora of stresses on the body and mind. Dealing with stress in a proactive way helps you to focus on your goals. Worrying why you are not getting pregnant is counterproductive and many people believe it can actually be a cause of not getting pregnant.

Having plenty of sex may or may not be the answer to increasing your chances of getting pregnant. Men whose sperm counts are low need to avoid having frequent sex if the couple are trying to conceive.

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