What Are The Steps To Getting Child Custody?

Getting custody of your child in a divorce proceeding can be a rather tricky thing. Depending on how amicable the divorce is, you may have quite an uphill battle. Even if the divorce is a relatively friendly one, your former spouse is going to be acting in a way that will benefit his position. However, there are certain steps to getting child custody that, if followed, can greatly increase your chances of getting child custody.

The first step to getting child custody is that you want to hire the right attorney. You want to hire an attorney with the knowledge, experience, and training about getting child custody. You can get recommendations for an attorney from a number of places, including a family lawyer, friends, coworkers, and even your state bar association.

The next step to getting child custody is often one of the least pleasant. You need to identify your strengths, as well as weaknesses, as they relate to child custody. In addition to going through this procedure for your own strengths and weaknesses, you need to go through the same procedure for your former spouse. You need to be brutally honest, especially when looking at your own situation, as it is very likely that your former spouse’s attorney will try to use some of those weaknesses to weaken your case.

The final major step to getting child custody is to figure out exactly what you want, and what you will accept. If you want full custody, you need to identify that, and be prepared to make a case as to why you should get full custody. If you are willing to enter into a joint custody agreement, or if you are willing to negotiate on this point, you need to identify this for yourself and for your attorney.

While these steps won’t guarantee that you will be getting child custody, they are at the very least the minimum first steps that you will need to take. Without these things, you will have very little chance of getting child custody.

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